Smurf @ Noisekick’s Terrordrang

Here’s something from DJ Smurf. Always pretty entertaining to listen to this guy. Better check out some of his tunes also. The transition from trash to hardcore is magnificent 😉 All in all, the set’s not too hard, but hard and fast enough to enjoy it! Tracklist: 1. Hardcore Fiend – Comply (Smurf Remix) 2. Lethal Insanity – Core Red (DJ Smurf Code Blue Attack Remix) 3. DJ Smurf – The Force Of Terror 4. Kobaryo – Nasty Stoner 5. Darkinoxv – Electrika 6. Dissoactive & Psycho Killer – Speaking Italian 7. DGTP – Titties Beer (Original) 8. DJ Smurf […]

Ausnahmezustand@AJZ Erfurt (5.11.2016) Some Sets From Floor II

Do we really have to say something about this incredible night? It#s hard to express it in words, but it was simply mindblowing in every aspect. So much thanks and love to Druckluft Soundsystem for supporting us, bringing a soundsystem that made an heavier impact than anyone could have expected. Shit, that was amazing. Special thanks to Robert and the rest of the gang. Maybe there will be some mixes added in the future, so keep your eyes open 😉 Btw. there will be an upload from the first floor, too. But you’ll see soon enough 😉


Yo, I already started reviewing this set, but my PC broke down. Is it a sign? Or does it simply mean that my PC’s crap. I guess a little bit of both. Let’s put it this way, the mix is great and if you like hard dnb which develops into something disgustingly hard, then you are more than welcome. Great mix, big ups from my side! Tracklist: 01. Donny – War Horn 02. Katharsys – Dead Never Stay Dead 03. Current Value – Interstep 04. Cooh – Misbit (Counterstrike Remix) 05. BSA – Dogma (Harder & Louder Recordings) 06. Enduser […]

Motormouth Podcast 035 – THE DJ PRODUCER – Darkside: 17 Years Mix #6


COOH – Therapy Sessions CZ Vol.X Exclusive Promo Mix

No, all self explanatory. Good old COOH, can’t go wrong with him! Btw. does anybody remember the trip to Budweis a few years ago – sheer insanity… 🙂 Tracklist: 01. Limewax – Can’t Hide (Cooh remix) 02. Cooh & Fragz – Need to Go 03. Looh – Kislota 04. Lucio De Rimanez – Enchanted 05. Cooh – Melo Die – VIP 06. Cooh & Fragz – Vitamin 07. Cooh – Teroma (Counterstrike remix) 08. Detest – Brave The Storm – Limewax & Thrasher Remix 09. Cooh – Misbit (Counterstrike remix) 10. Cooh – To 11. The Panacea – Ryse & […]


There’s not much to say about this beast of a producer. Of course, you could say something like: “Dude, what’s wrong with you, your music sucks.” Or better: “Go to hell man!” And your right! But isn’t it still nice what he recorded? I enjoyed it a lot. This is how it’s supposed to sound in my opinion. For some it may be a bit sad that it’s mostly dnb/crossbreed and no breakcore, but give it a chance! Tracklist: Counterstrike & Teddy Killerz – Horror Story Limewax – Let me Paperclip – Fractals The Outside Agency – The Machinery of […]

N-Vitral – Louder than a Bomb

Wow, why does everything always take so long? I can’t tell you. But on the bright side, I can tell you that you can buy one of the nicest albums in a while. There hasn’t been a review in ages, anyhow, I’ll try to do one for you again. This time, we enter the realms of real Hardcore. Do you really think we’re kidding? Nah… Believe this album will blow your mind, if you like straight Hardcore. N-Vitral is the monster behind the superb album “Louder than a Bomb”. It contains 22 Tracks which focus mainly on Hardcore and nothing […]

BumbaCast V Part.1 Hardlogik

I have to say that I always adored the Spanish guy Hardlogik. The bumba stuff always got me. I don’t know why, but probably you’ll find out yourself 😉 Tracklist: 01.-Hardlogik – Galindo Slaughter 02.-The Outside Agency – Hours & Dreams (Detest Remix) 03.-Hardlogik – Serumen 04.-Syrinx – Creatures Are Watching 05.-Deathmachine – I Know 06.-Hardlogik – Experts In Hell 07.-eRRe + Hardlogik = Its Gonna Hurt 08.-Hardlogik – Night Rider 09.-Limewax – No Hope 10.-Hardlogik – Leroy (MerlĂ­n) 11.-Hardlogik – The LAst Tolay 12.-Current Value – Get Down To It 13.-eRRe – Noizes & Claps 14.-eRRe + Hardlogik = Six Hundred […]

Section 8 Recordings Podcast 17: Miss Keit

Not the latest Section 8 Podcast, yet one the best. I love the selection. Finally someone who’s able to play a through and through hard selection. Big up to Miss Keit. I hope to see more tapes like this one. Btw. fuck the Doctor P remix, this isn’t funny. And before I forget it, Krytika recorded number 18 for the podcast series. As you know, this guy knows what he’s doing! Tracklist: N-Vitral & I:Gor – Crack Ya Neck Hallucinator & Sinister Souls – Exorcize Katharsys – Train Wreck Damaged_Minds – FCKN DNCE Death – Controller 223 (DUB) Death – Asylum (DUB) […]


I have to admit that I cannot agree with he tracklist all the time, but in general it’s a nice mix. A little bit too much on the DnB (Neuro) side, however, still banging. 🙂 Tracklist: 1. ID 2. Goldberg Variations – Keta Of London [Position Chrome] 3. Big-Head – Gatling Gun [Dub] 4. Big-Head – Haunted [Triamer] 5. Big-Head & Krieg – Everything Is Ashes [Dub] 6. Goldberg Variations – Tommy Of 47 [Position Chrome] 7. Big-Head – Serial Killer [Dub] 8. Goldberg Variations & David Of Tirol – Skull Of Kickings [Position Chrome] 9. BSA – Pull Me […]

Circular D – F#ckingcast 012

A pretty nice selection from Circular D. If you are into Crossbreed, give this mix a listen. I enjoyed it a lot 🙂 Tracklist: 01.BSA – Back To The Future [YELLOW STRIPE] 02.Limewax – OPXVIP [LB] 03.Circular D – P1lh4r [MF] 04.Looh – Criplets [LB] 05.Suicide – Get To The Rock [HARDER & LOUDER] 06.Terrortek & ZĂ«ro – Revoltionary Warfare [TRIAMER] 07.Stonebank vs Goldberg Variations – Stronger Dorksided (Circular D Mash-up) [NTBR] 08.The Panacea – Uberbomb [LB] 09.Miss Keit & B1per – Ghost [DEATHSOUNDBAT DUB] 10.C-Netik – The Hungriest [PRSPCT] 11.Deathmachine – Sick Bass [THE THIRD MOVEMENT] 12.Earbutter & Spragga Benz […]

Fuck the silly season

Sorry guys, we’ve been busy lately. As you might know, we work heavily on our next Ausnahmezustand party. For those of you that are eagerly looking forward to this event, we can tell you that it’s worth waiting. This time, it’ll be harder than ever. Two stages with the finest artists you can find. Everything from Crossbreed to Hardcore up to Breakcore will be on our list. The artists are already booked. So save the date. On 5.11. we’ll be hitting hard.   Apart from that, we do a shitload of other things. Lots of events came up lately. Our schedule is pretty dense […]

Sickcast Vol. X By Cooh (Special 10 Years Future Sickness CD Megamix)

Here’s another mix by Cooh again. This one is luckily even harder than the last one I posted. It’s a chronological mix of the latest Future Sickness Release. They released a 10 years best of compilation with a shitload of great tracks. From darkstep and blasting drum and bass up to crossbreed. There, you’ll find some of the greatest dancefloor killers of the last 10 years. I can highly recommend the release to everybody who hasn’t already purchased the tracks. Back to the topic, the mix is surely fabulous. Firstly it’s mixed by Cooh and therefore the mixing is top […]

Motormouth Podcast 030 – DITHER – Ibiza Goes Hard Mix #4

So this is the last one for now. I promise! 😀 I have to admit, there’s a lot of Motormouth crap posted on our page, but the sets are great, so why not? Anyhow, it’s about Dither again. I really like this guy’s mixes. They start slowly, end relentlessly and are bouncing as hell, as most of his releases. It’s somehow weird to read this Ibiza goes hard stuff, but everybody over there deserves some proper hardcore. So deal with your prejudices, you’re not 12 anymore 😉 I have to admit, I’m having a conversation with myself, but at least […]

Motormouth Podcast 029 – SADISTIC

And here’s another Motormouth Podcast. This time it’s a full on Sadistic showcase. He recorded a mix with 11 of his own tracks. It starts with some trippy tracks and develops a little later into something which sounds more mutilated in my ears. Judge it yourself, you know how the play-button works. Btw. according to the text it contains “many live elements of modular synths mixed into the set”.   Tracklist: 01. Sadistic – Euphoric High Energy (Forthcoming CSR) 02. Sadistic – TBC (TBC) 03. Sadistic – Dreamscape (Forthcoming CSR) 04. Sadistic – Ionosphere (CSR) 05. Sadistic – Saturation Point (CSR) 06. Sadistic – Full Throttle […]

Motormouth Podcast 028 – [KRTM] – Joey Beltram’s Bouncing Castle

Something different this time. Maybe it’s time to expand your musical horizon. The mix starts a little slower with some dark techno but develops into disgusting stuff 🙂 Btw. some may like the Adam X album (the first track of the set is taken from that album). It is pretty impressive in my eyes and so far the only techno album/record I ever bought… just as a little recommendation from my side.   Tracklist: 1. Adam X – Catenary [Sonic Groove] 2. Blawan – Getting Me Down (Blawan Self-Released] 3. DJ Hesburger – Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome to the Dance [Turbo] 4. […]

Zombeat Infection Podcast 001 – eDub

Does anyone know this Spanish dude eDub? No? Well, by now you should better be aware of him. He’s gaining a lot of attention lately and is already releasing on labels such as Footworx, Future Sickness, Harder & Louder and Triamer Records. Better keep an eye on him. If you like to get familiar with his more recent works, then give his mix listen. A lot of his own productions are in it! Tracklist: Im Colapsed – The moment eDUB – Un palo Gorebug – Mutant Sei2ure – Massive On The Bass eDUB – Industrial eDUB – Drop It Hard eDUB – Muerte […]

Fractal Takeover @ Bangface Weekender 2016 by Fractal D&B

We already posted the Dataklysm mix from the Bangface weekender. Here we found some further Bangface mixes which we can still recommend to you. On Fractal posted 5 mixes by Wit!?, LSD-Licious, Skanky Ho, Killabomb and Cun7. The styles are varying, but everyone should find her or his piece of the pie. Instead of posting every single set here, I’ve linked their sets to their names. So here you go with this great impression of the life of a breakcore asshole 🙂 Faithfully stolen from fractal’s facebook page!  

Detest – Summer Hole Revelation IV 2016

Who’s this? Yes, it’s the one and only Detest once again. As he’s usually destroying the dancefloors all around the globe, this time he’s back with his new Summer Hole Revelation mix. And of course, as you can expect it, he only plays the hard stuff. Have a good time while the weather’s still crappy 🙂 Tracklist: 01. Detest – Midnight Motherfuckers 02. Detest & Tripped – Revolution 03. Detest feat. Thrasher – Now you’ve got something to die for 04. Detest – Ultra Deth 05. Lenny Dee – Fucking Hostile (TOA Remix) 06. Detest – Brave the storm 07. […]

Cooh – Yellow-Stripe Podcast

Here’s a mix by a guy who needs no further introduction. The set’s a bit more relaxing, well at least not as hard as our usual content. Anyhow, give Cooh a listen. In my opinion he is still one of the most important and influential acts in the underground Drum and Bass scene. After listening to this mix you’ll know why he is still on top! Show him some love and download this set he recorded for Yellow Stripe.   Tracklist: 01. Cooh – Noisy Sneaker 02. Ogonek & Cooh – Tripmaster 03. Counterstrike & Cooh – Shuffler 04. Dub Elements & […]

Breakcore Gives Me Wood Compilation 2016

I have to admit, there is not that much breakcore on the blog. Maybe I can provide a remedy with the latest Breakcore Gives Me Wood compilation. Grab a shitload of crappy music for free or donate some cash if you like to do so. On Bandcamp you can download the whole compilation in any format you prefer. All of you amen warriors get it while it’s hot!

Shmidoo – Keep Your Core Hard Promo Mix 2016

Does anybody remember when Basler played b2b with Shmidoo at Therapy Sessions in Budweis? Well, I still remember… the good old days. God damnit Basler, get your shit together and play some dnb again! Anyway it’s not about this guy, it’s about the Czech dnb/crossbreed DJ and producer Shmidoo. His mix includes mostly “party dnb/crossbreed”. Sorry I have no idea how to describe it in different terms. Best thing is to just see/listen for yourself.   Tracklist: BSA – Fortuna Bratkilla feat. C-Netik – Corona Virus Triamer & Nagato – Take Me On A Ride -> Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist Triamer & Nagato – Hands […]

WWYS Podcast 032 – eRRe

I always liked his works, however, I have to admit that I lost interest in tracks. But recently eRRe released some tracks which caught my attention again, as this tape did, too. It is probably the best WWYS podcast in a while. Sadly the tracklist’s missing. Does anyone know the renegade snares remix? Is it just a mash up or an actual release? If you know something about it, feel free to let me know 🙂

Theory Of Core – Podcast #56 Mixed By Syrinx

Do you like uptempo snare shit? Did I hear a yes? Anyway this mix by Syrinx is a good example of some uptempo snare slaughtering. I had a lot of fun while listening, I hope the same applies to you! This Russian guy knows his craft! Btw. his new LP Witchcraft will be soon out on Mindocracy Recordings. Tracklist: 01. Syrinx & Akira – Sippin Trippin MF Hoe [Out soon on Mindocracy Recordings MOCRCYCD002] 02. DJIPE – Alone With The Machines 03. Hardlogik & Syrinx – Remy LaCroix Boxing Day 04. Akira – Bodyslam Musick 05. Neks – TBA 06. […]

Blast – Critical Bass Recordings Presents: “SURVIVAL #1” PROMO MIX [Techno Dnb 3Decks]

Hell yeah, grab this new mix by Blast which he recorded for Critical Bass Recordings. Maybe you remember this dude from yellow stripe recordings. If want to listen to some dope 3 deck mixing skills you’re more than welcome. His mad dj skills make this tape exceptional. It’s more than just your average dnb mix, this is art. So download it and play it loud!

PRSPCT PODCAST 23 by Lucy Furr

Another podcast from PRSPCT. This time mixed by Lucy Furr. I have to admit that I initially thought the mix wouldn’t be my type of drum and bass. And to be honest it isn’t, but the tracks are great anyhow! It needn’t have to be always full throttle. Hmm, this sounds a little misleading, the mix is banging as fuck! Lucy Furr delivers an awesome mix. Btw. if you’re not familiar with her, she is also well known as her alter ego Miss Hysteria. Tracklist: 1. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Thug 2. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit 3. […]

Dataklysm Vs. Relapse Bangface Live Set

Sorry, there’s no tracklist for this live mix. But on the bright side you get a nice hour full of industrial and hardcore straight from Bangface 2016. Those of you that always dreamed of going to this magic place can get at least this mix by Dataklysm and Relapse. Sounds like there are lots of mash ups and whatsoever in it. And don’t worry, the mix is picking up speed soon enough! Sit back and just enjoy the show!    

Future Sickness Sickcast Vol. 15 by Max Shade

Get this fresh mix by Max Shade as long as it is hot. With this mix he’s promoting his new “Chaos EP” on Future Sickness Records. To be honest, if it were up to me, the mix could be a little harder, but those of you that are more Drum and Bass-oriented will have a great half hour of quality stuff. Towards the end it’s also getting a little harder. Mixing is top and I mean if you don’t like it, just skip it, hopefully you don’t 😉   Tracklist: 01. The Clamps & TR Tactics – Topology (Addictive Behaviour Rec.) 02. L33 […]

Nerve Attack @ AJZ Erfurt 23.4.2016

Ok, finally there’s a nice party in our area again. If you are into any kind of harder Drum and Bass, Jungle or Breakcore you should not miss this one! Some of these guys already played at Ausnahmezustand and are also not unknown to the lovers of hard bass music. I don’t want to waste any more words, just check the lineup. Come early and stay late! See you there 😉   Drum & Bass: ~ Hasky (Paranoised) ~ Stereo & Neuroton (Nadeltrauma) ~ Destroyal (DRC) << live ~ Klump (DRC) ~ Skytekk (DRC) Jungle / Breakcore / Techno: ~ special guests: Koppmann & […]

RISE AND SHINE – a short documentary about the Panacea by Ira A. Goryainova

This one is for all of you that like to know a little more about one of the most infamous persons in the Drum and Bass scene. Of course we talk about the head of Position Chrome, the Panacea himself! Actually I guess it’s a waste of time to introduce this mastermind to you, since you should be familiar with his music. Some of you might have had the actual experience of seeing him live at Ausnahmezustand in Gera a few years ago. It was ace. Anyhow we don’t want to walk down memory lane, we want to post this video here for anyone that wants to […]


Sometimes it’s getting a little annoying to search for new tapes. And many it sucks listening to them. But not this time. If you like your Hardcore relentlessly brutal you’re most likely pretty pleased with this mix. It’s a early Terror mix by UKTM with a great tracklist. It’s been a while that I was stoked about a tape, so download it and play it as loud as possible. I’m dead certain that your neighbors love it, too. Don’t hesitate!   Tracklist: 1. Las Vegas 909 – Welcome To Hell / Worst Nightmare 2. Nasenbluten – Blow T’ The Nose 3. Dolphin & Dj […]

Goetia // Sei2ure – FOOTWORXX Sandy Warez Bday 13 Feb 2016 Warmup Podcast

For those of you that need it hard and fast, you’ll be pretty happy with Goetia. The riot girl from Montpellier, France is famous for her harder styles of electronic music. Sadly, there’s no tracklist for both mixes. The other mix by Sei2ure is full of his own productions. I dig most of his tracks in the tape apart from one. Well, I mean it’s Sei2ure, for me he symbolises experimental Hardcore. In this regard, you always have to be prepared for such a situation. Goetia – FOOTWORXX Sandy Warez Bday 13 Feb 2016 Warmup Podcast Sei2ure – FOOTWORXX Sandy […]

Motormouth Podcast 027 – CODE:RED – Darkside Resident Evil Mix#1

Motormouth‘s a great label, if you like all kinds of Hardcore, but also more experimental approaches towards this genre, you’re welcome! Their releases feature sinister Industrial, Crossbreed, and everything beyond. This podcast by CODE:RED basically covers the whole range. The mix starts with great Industrial from artists such as The Outside Agency. Throughout the mix the tracks pick up speed and it ends in uptempo Crossbreed/Hardcore. It’s pretty relaxing to listen to the tape, since it sticks to the hard and dark side of core. I really enjoyed the tracklist. Great job! 01. Sacerdos Vigilia – Cortex Driller 02. The Outside […]

Kryzys – Harder & Louder Podcast 38 // Drumcast 8

So sorry for the huge delay. Both of us have had a shitload of work to do and honestly I wasn’t as active as I hoped to be. I thought this all would work out much smoother… However, screw my pathetic excuses. Instead I’ll have some content for you. The first two mixes are by Kryzys, a DJ and producer from Brussels, Belgium. His releases are on Harder & Louder (his latest EP on Harder & Louder), Insane Events and Bankizz among others. The Harder & Louder Podcast as well as the Drumcast have their calmer parts, but are mostly full-on Crossbreed. […]

Igneon System – Best of 2015

Igneon System – Best of 2015 Well, the last year was equally crappy as it was generous to us. We luckily had the chance to destroy some eardrums again. On the other side we made a record loss. Hell yeah !m! Anyway, it was great going nuts with you again. There will be more upcoming Ausnahmezustand parties in 2016 for sure. When it comes to music, 2015 was also a great year in this regard. Igneon System gives you a nice overview of the best tracks in 2015, at least from his point of view. Of course, you can question […]

Mantello – EARLY HARDCORE (2015 End of Year Special)

Mantello – EARLY HARDCORE (2015 End of Year Special) Alright, I have to admit it’s even harder than I thought to publish articles on a regular basis. However, I managed to find the time for this nice mix by Mantello. Some may know him from The Versus Dedication. “With no set agenda to announce forthcoming episodes, TVD is designed by a simple concept that primarily engages the listeners by means of exposing & educating them on the different sub-styles of hardcore & harder edged techno. With this concept, it helps take away the hours spent searching for specific styles or […]

Memetic Recorded Early 1997 @ The Hunter On Hunter, Newcastle, Australia

Today’s post is even for our taste way different than usual. Dj Mark N, yeah that guy from Nasenbluten, uploaded this live set by Memetic few days ago. Sometimes it’s better and easier to stick to the information you get from the artists themselves. Here’s the infoline from soundcloud:   The finest 47 minutes of Bloody Fist’s entire existence as a label occurred sometime in early 1997 on a forgotten week night, when a live set by Memetic (Ian Beckwith / Darren Blayden) was performed using two battered Amiga computers. This particular live set encapsulated perfectly the Bloody Fist sound […]

Switch Technique ‘Scars’ Review

Now, this seems to be the first regular entry for the album section. Let’s see how it works out. I thought it might be nice to give you at first some general information about the artist and the album itself. Further I’d like to pick out certain tracks of which I think are especially worth mentioning. Of course, It’s always questionable what tracks will be chosen. Everyone’s taste is different, and that’s a good thing. So maybe others would chose complete different tracks. Best thing is in every case to simply listen to the whole album, then you’ll see which […]

AZS presents 7 Damaged Minds

Wow, at some point we were wondering whether it’ll go on or not. After all these throwbacks, it feels awesome to be back. It’s such a lucky coincidence that both works out. We have the blog and more importantly, we have another podcast in our catalogue. This means a lot to us. Especially if you take into consideration how long it was calm and nothing has happend. Right after our latest event, which also took us much too long to promote, we asked Damaged Minds to record a podcast for us. But as you all know, things never work out […]

What the Hell are we doing here

Don’t get confused, you’ll find the English version below 😉 Moin, hallo, wunderschönen guten Tag, ohne lange Umschweife komme ich direkt auf den Punkt. Wir haben uns sehr sehr viele Gedanken macht gemacht, wie es weitergehen kann (und das nicht erst seit dem letzten AUSNAHMEZUSTAND). So richtig haben wir keine Ideallösung gefunden – vorerst zumindest. Aber eins ist sicher: wir sind zu dem Entschluss gekommen, dass es unsagbar schade wĂ€re, AZS komplett aussterben zu lassen. Daher versuchen wir alles möglich zu machen, um das Ding am Leben zu halten. Wie genau wir uns das vorstellen? Nun ja, zunĂ€chst kehren wir […]

Some Mixes

We need some content! Therefore I made small collection of mixtapes. In my opinion they can be seen as some of the best tapes of the last years. Of course this list isn’t complete and not to be taken seriously, though it is a start. Especially those of you who are searching for some new mixes will be glad to have this list. Our idea is to post single sets with some feedback, you’ll see later that theses feedbacks will be much more extensive. Further, we always welcome unknown DJs. Leave a message if you think your tape might fit […]

Some Albums

Here, I gathered a small selection of – in my opinion – important albums. Most of them are more or less recent. If you have any albums that are missing then let us know. Of course we know that there are so many albums missing, but this simply should give you some input for now. In the meantime I’ll see what I can find in my shelves… Limewax – Always & Never The collection of previously unreleased material makes this release the holy grail for every Limewax fan around. We sure know that the grandmaster of Skullstep knows his shit better […]