Butterfist has had quite an impact on the scene recently with releases on labels such as Industrial Strength, Oblivion Underground or Prototypes. If you are into modern hardcore, you should listen to the set without hesitation. The mixing is on point and the track selection is very well thought out. TOXIC SICKNESS OFFICIAL · BUTTERFIST / ISR RADIO #69 ON TOXIC SICKNESS / DECEMBER / 2023

Spiral Tribe + Free Party History – Q & A with Mark Angelo Harrison at Datacide Conference 2013

Even though the recording is from 2013 the content is still relevant today. Mark Angelo Harrison is very well known for his involvement with Spiral Tribe as one of its founding members and graphic designer. The whole interview is extremely interesting, not only for Tekno heads. If you want to learn about the early beginnings of Spiral Tribe or about the post Thatcher era, you should definitely consider watching it. It’s more than just a interview about music, since it touches upon so many different aspects of the 90s. It is striking how much of a public nuisance these noisemakers […]