Sickcast Vol. X By Cooh (Special 10 Years Future Sickness CD Megamix)

Here’s another mix by Cooh again. This one is luckily even harder than the last one I posted. It’s a chronological mix of the latest Future Sickness Release. They released a 10 years best of compilation with a shitload of great tracks. From darkstep and blasting drum and bass up to crossbreed. There, you’ll find some of the greatest dancefloor killers of the last 10 years. I can highly recommend the release to everybody who hasn’t already purchased the tracks. Back to the topic, the mix is surely fabulous. Firstly it’s mixed by Cooh and therefore the mixing is top […]

Motormouth Podcast 030 – DITHER – Ibiza Goes Hard Mix #4

So this is the last one for now. I promise! 😀 I have to admit, there’s a lot of Motormouth crap posted on our page, but the sets are great, so why not? Anyhow, it’s about Dither again. I really like this guy’s mixes. They start slowly, end relentlessly and are bouncing as hell, as most of his releases. It’s somehow weird to read this Ibiza goes hard stuff, but everybody over there deserves some proper hardcore. So deal with your prejudices, you’re not 12 anymore 😉 I have to admit, I’m having a conversation with myself, but at least […]

Motormouth Podcast 029 – SADISTIC

And here’s another Motormouth Podcast. This time it’s a full on Sadistic showcase. He recorded a mix with 11 of his own tracks. It starts with some trippy tracks and develops a little later into something which sounds more mutilated in my ears. Judge it yourself, you know how the play-button works. Btw. according to the text it contains “many live elements of modular synths mixed into the set”.   Tracklist: 01. Sadistic – Euphoric High Energy (Forthcoming CSR) 02. Sadistic – TBC (TBC) 03. Sadistic – Dreamscape (Forthcoming CSR) 04. Sadistic – Ionosphere (CSR) 05. Sadistic – Saturation Point (CSR) 06. Sadistic – Full Throttle […]

Motormouth Podcast 028 – [KRTM] – Joey Beltram’s Bouncing Castle

Something different this time. Maybe it’s time to expand your musical horizon. The mix starts a little slower with some dark techno but develops into disgusting stuff 🙂 Btw. some may like the Adam X album (the first track of the set is taken from that album). It is pretty impressive in my eyes and so far the only techno album/record I ever bought… just as a little recommendation from my side.   Tracklist: 1. Adam X – Catenary [Sonic Groove] 2. Blawan – Getting Me Down (Blawan Self-Released] 3. DJ Hesburger – Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome to the Dance [Turbo] 4. […]

Zombeat Infection Podcast 001 – eDub

Does anyone know this Spanish dude eDub? No? Well, by now you should better be aware of him. He’s gaining a lot of attention lately and is already releasing on labels such as Footworx, Future Sickness, Harder & Louder and Triamer Records. Better keep an eye on him. If you like to get familiar with his more recent works, then give his mix listen. A lot of his own productions are in it! Tracklist: Im Colapsed – The moment eDUB – Un palo Gorebug – Mutant Sei2ure – Massive On The Bass eDUB – Industrial eDUB – Drop It Hard eDUB – Muerte […]

Fractal Takeover @ Bangface Weekender 2016 by Fractal D&B

We already posted the Dataklysm mix from the Bangface weekender. Here we found some further Bangface mixes which we can still recommend to you. On Fractal posted 5 mixes by Wit!?, LSD-Licious, Skanky Ho, Killabomb and Cun7. The styles are varying, but everyone should find her or his piece of the pie. Instead of posting every single set here, I’ve linked their sets to their names. So here you go with this great impression of the life of a breakcore asshole 🙂 Faithfully stolen from fractal’s facebook page!  

Detest – Summer Hole Revelation IV 2016

Who’s this? Yes, it’s the one and only Detest once again. As he’s usually destroying the dancefloors all around the globe, this time he’s back with his new Summer Hole Revelation mix. And of course, as you can expect it, he only plays the hard stuff. Have a good time while the weather’s still crappy 🙂 Tracklist: 01. Detest – Midnight Motherfuckers 02. Detest & Tripped – Revolution 03. Detest feat. Thrasher – Now you’ve got something to die for 04. Detest – Ultra Deth 05. Lenny Dee – Fucking Hostile (TOA Remix) 06. Detest – Brave the storm 07. […]

Cooh – Yellow-Stripe Podcast

Here’s a mix by a guy who needs no further introduction. The set’s a bit more relaxing, well at least not as hard as our usual content. Anyhow, give Cooh a listen. In my opinion he is still one of the most important and influential acts in the underground Drum and Bass scene. After listening to this mix you’ll know why he is still on top! Show him some love and download this set he recorded for Yellow Stripe.   Tracklist: 01. Cooh – Noisy Sneaker 02. Ogonek & Cooh – Tripmaster 03. Counterstrike & Cooh – Shuffler 04. Dub Elements & […]