DJ Mark N – Under Sufferance Mix 2003

It may come as a surprise that we post such an old mix, but then on the other hand, why not? Itโ€™s a great mix by none other than Mark N himself. This mix really sums up how relentless and unforgiving hardcore was 20 years ago. There are people claiming that you can find copies of this mix lying on certain servers. I would not recommend to specifically look for them on well-known internet search engines. ย  So anyway, itโ€™s a great historic mix that should be played at every occasion on full blast ๐Ÿ˜Š dj.mark.n.australia ยท DJ Mark N […]

Big Breeze – SETI 2023

Thank you! It was great. Playing outdoors is the best, especially when the sun’s up again! Btw. there’s only the first half of the set on Soundcloud. For a direct download, you can also click here. Tracklist:Mad Dog โ€“ Il FuturoSomniac One โ€“ MNDKNTRLMarc Acardipane – Pitch-Hiker (Marc Acardipane Remix)Promo – B-Side ShitStarving Insect & Catscan – The RainmakerStormtrooper & Syprexa – We Do It On ETripped – Stronk (Waldhaus Remix)Bodylotion – How Much Can You Take (Catscan Remix)Promo – The VowSei2ure โ€“ DestroyEnzyme X – Silly mid onTymon – Dead Evil (Splinter Cell remix)Mindustries – Empty SpacesOphidian โ€“ SpokenSei2ure […]

Doomham – The Serrano Ham and Cheese French Toast with Spicy Bravas Mayonnaise Mix

This Ableton mix by Doomham – and it’s apparently the last for now – is offering tons of diversity. From drum and bassy stuff to crossbreed and into the core territory – this mix has it all. No way, you want to miss it. Tracklist: Black Sun Empire – EraserStranjah – ConcentrationRawthang ft. Kari Rueslatten – Beautiful Morning (Gein Bootleg)Noisia and Mayhem – Exodus feat. KRS OneKonflict – Messiah (Noisia Remix)Technical Itch and Dylan – The Legend (Evol Intent Remix)Limewax – BombEvol Intent – Middle of the NightState of Mind – Danse MacabreLimewax, Thrasher, Switch Technique, Dieselboy – Spicy BoizFreqax […]

Slave to Society – Distorted Thoughts EP

Itโ€™s becoming increasingly rare that you listen to a release and think: Wow, thatโ€™s something else, but it still feels familiar. And I think this is what Slave to Society achieved here. The release sounds really fresh even though it heavily feasts on the sound of hard Drum and Bass, Jungle and Core abominations. Itโ€™s an innovative release that features not necessarily only dancefloor material, instead it offers cozy soundscapes you want to wrap around your body like a warm cover. Yeah, or whatever makes you feel comfortable. It feels unique, not just formulary as a lot of modern electronic […]

Nekrolog1k Podcast #53 By Bestial

The latest Nekrolog1k Podcast was recorded by Bestial a DJ and Producer from Slovakia. Maybe some of you have heard of him before. Some of his own works can also be found within this mix. TRACKLIST :1) Katharsys – Awakened (Bestial Remix)2) Coman Dante – After life (FORTHCOMING)3) Bestial – Tear Apart4) Bratkilla & C-Netik – Corona Virus (Bestial Bootleg)5) N-Vitral & Deathmachine – Time To Meet The Devil (Bestial Bootleg)6) Hated – The Demon’s Head7) I:Gor – Lets Get Dirty (FORTHCOMING)8) Bestial – Corpse Collector9) Hated – Prankster10) Hated – Scab (Bestial Bootleg)11) Max Shade & Bestial – Disconnected12) […]

Querbass Radioshow // 23.08.19 // Klvmp

Look what we found ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hard Drum and Bass veteran Klvmp was featured in the last episode of the Querbass Radioshow. The first half of the show contains some new Drum and Bass tunes. The second part which starts at about 50 minutes is an interview with Klvmp. There you can get to know him a little better. After the interview you’ll get another hour of super dope Hard Drum and Bass an Crossbreed. So this exactly what we want to hear! Btw. this is the first mix in ages, so don’t sleep on this one ๐Ÿ™‚ And before we […]

Nekrolog1k Podcast #36 By Strobcore

As some of may have noticed, Nekrolog1k is more active again. Their latest installment is a 2 tracker by Strobocore and brings some crossbreed hardcore. Likewise is the mix, yet it starts a little slower. Btw. delicious artwork! ๐Ÿ˜‰ NEKROLOG1K 036 by Strobcore


Fresh from the Harder & Louder headquaters, you get the latest mix by Kryzys! Tracklist: Kryzys – Connections (intro) [Big Riddim] Gorebug – Omen [Insane Events] BSA – Clubwalker (Hated Bootleg) (dub) Katharsys – Slippery Slope (Kryzys Edit) (dub) Kryzys & Max Shade – Let’s Rock [Big Riddim] Synthakt – Redshift [Algorythm] Kryzys – $uicide (dub) [HARDER & LOUDER forthcoming]Kryzys & T-Psy feat. Elektrakore – AEL (An Ending Letter) (dub) [HARDER & LOUDER forthcoming] Blast – Anomaly [Future Sickness] East Kingdom & Max Shade – Unleashed (dub) East Kingdom, Kryzys & Gorebug – We Are Infinite (dub) Kryzys & Sinecore […]

STFU Donny 004

I don’t think I need to waste more words on Donny. You know what to expect! Tracklist: 1. Dylan – Dominion (Donny Remix) [Renegade Hardware]2. Katharsys & Kryzys – Distress Signal [Big Riddim Recordings]3. Counterstrike – Mind Fuck (Donny Remix) [PRSPCT]4.The Clamps – The Sky Darkens [Kosenprod]5. 3RDKND – The Artifact [Forbidden Society Recs]6. Switch Technique & Limewax – Doctor Wrecker [PRSPCT]7. 3RDKND – The Upsidedown [Forbidden Society Recs]8. Sinister Souls – Involuntary Suicide [PRSPCT]9. Katharsys – Gamma Ray [dub]10. Merikan – Delta Invarient [C4C Recordings]11.3RDKND – Fire & Blood [Forbidden Society Recs]12.Neks & Coman Dante – The Dead Living […]

Sickcast Vol. 33 by Blast

Blast is again delivering a 3 deck set full of big tunes. The tracklist ranges from drum and bass to crossbreed and everything in between. His mixing is massive as usual, so if you want to listen to something that sounds dope but isn’t smashing your brain to pieces, you might be into this! Btw. he’s promoting his Simulation EP on Future Sickness with the mix. Don’t hesitate to check it out ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tracklist (3 decks set):Blast – AnnihilateOgonek – Dream on (Max Shade remix)Cooh – DromeAbsurd & Ca2k – ConfigurationBlast – SimulationCurrent Value – Running (Cooh remix)Gancher & Ruin […]

Nekrolog1k Podcast #33 By AK-Industry

Yes, you’ve heard right, Nekrolog1k is finally back and harder than ever. In their latest podcast they feature old and new gems which switch from drum and bass to hardcore forth and back. A high quality mix for those of you that like some variation! Tracklist: 1. Lowroller – Divide2. AK-Industry & Neverquiet – Altered Perception3. Homeboy – Artificial Organism4. Dolphin feat. The Teknoist -The Unholy Two5. N-Vitral Such Kick Deathmachine Remix6. 3RDKND – The Artifact7. AK-Industry – Ressurgence8. Sei2ure – Vibrator9. Forbidden Society King Of Pogo10. Ak-Industry – 9th Door11. Donny & Forbidden Society – Creator & Destroyer12. Switch […]

3RDKND – Cognitive EP Promo Mix

To promote the Cognitive EP, 3RDKND has released this nice mix. Fueled with hard drum and bass as we all love it, this mix found its place in our playlist ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw. 3RDKND consists of Donny, Forbidden Society and Katharsys. You can imagine what a powerful alliance this is! Tracklist: 1. 3RDKND – The Intro2. Prolix & DC Breaks – Beat Down3. 3RDKND – The Artifact (Audio Remix)4. Katharsys & Brain Pain – SFN5. The Clamps – The Sky Darkens6. Coman Dante – The Grave7. Mindscape – Man Bear Pig8. 3RDKND – Panger9. Optiv & BTK – Shredder (Inward, Hanzo […]

War is Inevitable – January 2019 Mix

We have 2 fresh new mixes for you. Mixing is dope and tracklists are nice. The December mix is a little bit harder in general, but the January mix is also worth listening! Both tend to get harder towards the end. Tracklist January 2019 Mix: 01. Spor – Some Other Funk02. Phace – Vintage03. Limewax – Acitate04. Noisia – Concussion05. The DJ Producer – Tectonics06. Tim Exile – Big Bad Purple Bad Boy07. Johnny Sideways – Supply Route08. Ely Muff – Crack Partition09. Squarepusher – I Wish You Could Talk10. Hellfish – Meat Machine Broadcast System11. The DJ Producer – […]


The legendary DJ Producer is responsible for the latest Oblivion Underground Podcast. The mix itself covers everything that contemporary hardcore has to offer. Btw. I really hate the intro track so much ๐Ÿ˜€ Tracklist: 01. XATURATE – X 02. LIMEWAX, THRASHER, SWITCH TECHNIQUE & DIESEL BOY – SPICY BOLZ 03. THE OUTSIDE AGENCY – EVERYTHING IS FINE 04. MAZTEK – MADMAZ 05. SEI2URE – I SEND YOU TO HELL 06. THE OUTSIDE AGENCY & OPHIDIAN – RETURN OF THE SILENCE 07. EDUB – IM NOT THE ONLY ONE 08. IGOR – DENY 09. DEATHMACHINE – NASTY 10. DJIPE -SHADOWCUTS 11. […]

KlitoriX – Live at Balter 2018 (Jigsore Stage)

Pretty neat set from your one and only KlitoriX. This time not as breakcoreish as usual. However the live recording contains mostly crossbreed which is exellently mixed! Tracklist: Dolphin & The Teknoist – Multiverse Mindustries – Spark Outrage Deformer – Repossessor (Predator Remix) Mindustries – Change_everything N-Vitral and I:gor – Crack ya neck Innominate – The price you pay Industrial Terrorists – Alignment eDUB – Muerte Y Destruccion I:Gor – Zero fucks given Bryan Fury – Bringing the pain N-Vitral and The Outside Agency – Sam’s Gospel Shadowcore – Angels & Demons (I-Gor Remix) Satan – Way Out eDUB – […]

Karnage Podcast 016 with Tugie

When Tugie hits the stage, crossbreed and UK hardcore become one. Decades of experience make this guy one of the most promising acts out there even though I got the impression that not that many people are familiar with this guy. Better check him out, you might regret it if you don’t!

Epoxyde-D @ Sick – Weird – Hard Podcast #11

I think that we already posted a set by this dude. He’s definitely worth following! A highly talented DJ with a lot of ambition. Tracklist: 01 Satan – Doom [Triamer Recordings] 02 Innominate & Sei2ure – Execute [Heresy] 03 Sei2ure – Serial Killer [Footworxx] 04 Lucy Furr – Submission [PRSPCT] 05 Switch Technique – Till Death Do Us Part [PRSPCT] 06 Switch technique & Dart Mc – Casual Folk Music [PRSPCT] 07 Dolphin – Black Gold (VIP Mix) [PRSPCT] 08 The Satan & eDUB – Kill You [Future Sickness] 09 The Outside Agency – Deep Sleep [Genosha One Seven Five] […]

The Outside Agency @ Core In One (Outcast Special)

Can the Outside Agency screw it up? I guess not. Obviously they didn’t! So enjoy an atmospheric 2 hour journey through the landscaps of techno, hardcore, crossbreed and faster core realted stuff. Tracklist: 00. Intro 01. The Outside Agency – The Wandering Mind 02. D00d – Reduxity 03. Ghost in the Machine – Beacon 04. Perc – Look What Your Love Has Done To Me 05. Dax J – Condition The Masses 06. Tymon – Godless 07. I Hate Models – She Said Fuck People I Have Drugs 08. Somniac One – You Don’t Belong 09. Mindustries – Tech Noire […]

Syrinx – Deadly Pasta Ubercore LP

It’s been a while since the last LP we posted here. This album is from the russian drum and bass/crossbreed producer Syrinx. If you have been listening to this kind of music, you should be familiar with him and his style. The album came out in June on the american Label Mindocracy Recordings from Austin, Texas. The LP is a quite accurate depiction of the styles he produces. From annoying (sorry to say that) and screechy crossbreed to punishing drum and bass and even some core, there’s a little bit of everything on this LP. The versatality itself makes the […]


The next festival recording is from the Teknoist. I didn’t know that there are recordings for download available from Defqon, but it appears as if you can easily grab a copy. Especially for Defqon a rather unusual mix! A whole lotta drum and bass in this one. Also lots of amen stuff inside, yeah! No Tracklist available, sorry!

FUGLY @ Freqs of Nature Festival 2018

After another delay of 2 months, we luckily found some new mixes you might enjoy. First one here is from our friend Fugly. Sure a DJ you should keep an eye. As some of you may know, the australian Drum and Bass machine belongs in my opinion to the most talented DJs we ever booked. This mix is a recording from the infamous Freqs of Nature Festival. I never visited it, but I’ve only heard good things about it. I can imagine some of have been there and may have also seen him performing. Have fun listening to it again […]

CORECAST 24 Featuring Deathmachine

Deathmachine never disappoints! Tracklist: 01. The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 – Belief Systems 02. Somniac One – Electronic Dance Music 03. The Outside Agency & Dither – No One 04. The Outside Agency – The Killing Feels 05. The Outside Agency, Mindustries & Dither – Control Freaks 06. N-Vitral – Kombat Aktion 07. Deathmachine – I Know VIP 08. Dolphin – Mashpit 09. The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – The Violence 10. Deathmachine – TBA 11. Igneon System & eDub – Ruckus Power 12. Khaoz Engine – Monster Truck 13. eDub – Daily Dose Of Hardcore 14. Dolphin & […]

Tsugi Podcast 496 : The DJ Producer

If you speak french you might have a look at this interview with the DJ Producer. I sadly cannot tell you what’s in it, but maybe you can tell us ๐Ÿ˜€ We just came here for the mix! Tracklist: 1. Acid Diaper โ€” Stoemp โ€” [YELLOW STRIPE] 2. Hallucinator โ€” Burn โ€” [PRSPCT] 3. Wavolizer โ€” Rollin N โ€” [THE THIRD MOVEMENT] 4. Dolphin โ€” Mashpit โ€” [OBLIVION] 5. Xaturate & Edub โ€” Big Foot โ€” [PRSPCT XTRM] 6. Detest โ€” Switch It Up โ€” [MOTORMOUTH] 7. Djipe โ€” Worldrot โ€” [HERESY] 8. Edub โ€” Call To Jesus Remix โ€” […]

BKZCAST066 – NRZ – Drum’n’Core Bankizz Mix

Sounds like another delicious crossbreed podcast ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tracklist: 1. No Problem VIP – Chase & Status 2. Retrofit (Original Mix) – Cooh & C-Netik 3. Just Bounce – The Prototypes 4. Epistemic – DKaos 5. Nightfall & Stealth & Codebreaker 6. Time To Meet The Devil (Original Mix) – N-Vitral & Deathmachine 7. I Don’t Need A Reason (Mampi Swift remix)- Dizzee Rascal 8. The Architect – DITHER 9. Horns Up (Original Mix)- Sinister Souls 10. We Are The Virus – DKAOS 11. Warrior – Loadstar & Jakes 12. Stay With Us – DEATHMACHINE 13. Arraikis (Noisia remix)- Black Sun […]

The Outside Agency – Outcast #06

A “splifftastic” mix by the masterminds themselves! Couldn’t describe it better as they already did. Tracklist: 01. The Outside Agency – Forest Children (Strange Arrival Remix) 02. Wavolizer & The Outside Agency – The Antagonist 03. The Outside Agency & Mindustries – Superheroes 04. The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – Neurosurgery 05. The Outside Agency, Mindustries & Dither – Control Freaks 06. The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 – Belief Systems 07. The Outside Agency & Dither – No One 08. Tripped – The Jungle (The Outside Agency Remix) (Part 1 & 2) 09. The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – […]

Everything we missed since February…

Ok, we are sorry… Yeah admittedly, we thought that we will update this page on a more regular basis. But better late than never. Btw. if anyone is actually reading this, drop a message or let us know that there are people out there reading our crap. But let’s come back to business. We missed to post a shitload of mixes and other stuff. From now on, we will take care of it again. For how long and how regularly is not specified… Just imagine that we are no useless pricks (we know that it is hard to imagine such […]

OGONEK – Hell Kitchen Radioshow Mix (22.12.2016) (clean)

Hell yeah! Ogonek with a bouncing and nicely mixed recording for Hell Kitchen. Amazing work, even though I’m not that much into this kind of dnb. Tracklist: 01. Snow Ghosts – The Hunted 02. YMB – Call to Valhalla /UNSIGNED/ 03. Petram – My future! /METAFIZIQ/ 04. Cooh – Kill the Robot 05. Aktive – Bounce Wid It /PLAY ME TOO/ 06. Cooh & Current Value – Biohazard /PRSPCT/ 07. Ogonek – No Mercy /FORTHCOMING MINDOCRACY/ 08. Brainpain – Poison Gas /OTHERCIDE/ 09. Pythius – Driveyard ft. MC Kryptomedic /BLACKOUT/ 10. Dub Zero & Bass Shock – Jungle Of Fear […]


Do you still remember that we already had the luck to book Katharsys in Gera. It was about 5 years ago as I remember correctly. I think at that time the green room was still alive. Oh, what a night… ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyhow, for the beautiful Crach Records label, they recorded a nice mix of hard drum and bass and crossbreed, for your purest listening pleasures ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tracklist: Donny _ Swarm & Multiply (Katharsys remix) Synthakt & Counterstrike – I Believe DYLAN _ Dark Planet (Donny remix) The Outside Agency – Bulletproof Fragz & Limewax – Flickering Switch Katharsys _ dirty […]

KRYTIKA Productions Podcast 010 – Switch Technique

Beautiful mix by the mastermind himself. It was a great pleasure to have him over at our party. Here you have the chance to listen to his mixing and production skills. In my eyes this guy is on top of Olympus. And btw. this guy is also such a nice fellow. Book him or at least listen to this set ๐Ÿ™‚ Tracklist: Chee & Counterstrike – Perfect Machine (Algorythm) Syrinx – Returned (Black Hoe) Synthakt – Spiral View (Algorythm) Blast & Fragz – Cosmic Radiation (Yellow Stripe) Pythius & DJ Hidden – Corrosive (Blackout) Switch Technique – Sour Sky (Black […]

Syrinx October 2016 Promo Mix

A nice little promomix by Syrinx. I hope that you are all already familiar with this guy. Btw. I know that I didn’t put up a review for his latest album, but I’ll do so soon, I promise. Anyway, this russian guy really knows how to rock! Tracklist: 1.Syrinx – 52kHz Vampire King 2.Nekrokick – Mercs 3.SATAN – Bleed 4.Syrinx – Pulverize 5.Nekrokick – Fucking Pay Me 6.C-Netik & Syrinx – Pale Blue 7.Syrinx – Deadly Hustle 8.Syrinx & BSA – Enigma 9.Syrinx – Rockstar 10.Syrinx – Underneath 11.Syrinx – The Worship Of Baphomet 12.Syrinx – Returned 13.Syrinx – Mastrubating […]


Yo, I already started reviewing this set, but my PC broke down. Is it a sign? Or does it simply mean that my PC’s crap. I guess a little bit of both. Let’s put it this way, the mix is great and if you like hard dnb which develops into something disgustingly hard, then you are more than welcome. Great mix, big ups from my side! Tracklist: 01. Donny – War Horn 02. Katharsys – Dead Never Stay Dead 03. Current Value – Interstep 04. Cooh – Misbit (Counterstrike Remix) 05. BSA – Dogma (Harder & Louder Recordings) 06. Enduser […]

Motormouth Podcast 035 – THE DJ PRODUCER – Darkside: 17 Years Mix #6


COOH – Therapy Sessions CZ Vol.X Exclusive Promo Mix

No, all self explanatory. Good old COOH, can’t go wrong with him! Btw. does anybody remember the trip to Budweis a few years ago – sheer insanity… ๐Ÿ™‚ Tracklist: 01. Limewax – Can’t Hide (Cooh remix) 02. Cooh & Fragz – Need to Go 03. Looh – Kislota 04. Lucio De Rimanez – Enchanted 05. Cooh – Melo Die – VIP 06. Cooh & Fragz – Vitamin 07. Cooh – Teroma (Counterstrike remix) 08. Detest – Brave The Storm – Limewax & Thrasher Remix 09. Cooh – Misbit (Counterstrike remix) 10. Cooh – To 11. The Panacea – Ryse & […]


There’s not much to say about this beast of a producer. Of course, you could say something like: “Dude, what’s wrong with you, your music sucks.” Or better: “Go to hell man!” And your right! But isn’t it still nice what he recorded? I enjoyed it a lot. This is how it’s supposed to sound in my opinion. For some it may be a bit sad that it’s mostly dnb/crossbreed and no breakcore, but give it a chance! Tracklist: Counterstrike & Teddy Killerz – Horror Story Limewax – Let me Paperclip – Fractals The Outside Agency – The Machinery of […]

BumbaCast V Part.1 Hardlogik

I have to say that I always adored the Spanish guy Hardlogik. The bumba stuff always got me. I don’t know why, but probablyย you’ll find outย yourself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tracklist: 01.-Hardlogik – Galindo Slaughter 02.-The Outside Agency – Hours & Dreams (Detest Remix) 03.-Hardlogik – Serumen 04.-Syrinx – Creatures Are Watching 05.-Deathmachine – I Know 06.-Hardlogik – Experts In Hell 07.-eRRe + Hardlogik = Its Gonna Hurt 08.-Hardlogik – Night Rider 09.-Limewax – No Hope 10.-Hardlogik – Leroy (Merlรญn) 11.-Hardlogik – The LAst Tolay 12.-Current Value – Get Down To It 13.-eRRe – Noizes & Claps 14.-eRRe + Hardlogik = Six Hundred […]

Section 8 Recordings Podcast 17: Miss Keit

Not the latest Section 8 Podcast,ย yet one the best. I love the selection. Finally someone who’s able to play a through and through hard selection. Big up to Miss Keit. I hope to see more tapes like this one. Btw. fuck the Doctor P remix, this isn’t funny. And before I forget it, Krytika recorded number 18 for the podcast series. Asย you know, this guy knows what he’s doing! Tracklist: N-Vitral & I:Gor โ€“ Crack Ya Neck Hallucinator & Sinister Souls – Exorcize Katharsys โ€“ Train Wreck Damaged_Minds – FCKN DNCE Death – Controller 223 (DUB) Death – Asylum (DUB) […]


I have to admit that I cannot agree with he tracklist all the time, but in general it’s a nice mix. A little bit too much on the DnB (Neuro) side, however, still banging. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tracklist: 1. ID 2. Goldberg Variations – Keta Of London [Position Chrome] 3. Big-Head – Gatling Gun [Dub] 4. Big-Head – Haunted [Triamer] 5. Big-Head & Krieg – Everything Is Ashes [Dub] 6. Goldberg Variations – Tommy Of 47 [Position Chrome] 7. Big-Head – Serial Killer [Dub] 8. Goldberg Variations & David Of Tirol – Skull Of Kickings [Position Chrome] 9. BSA – Pull Me […]

Sickcast Vol. X By Cooh (Special 10 Years Future Sickness CD Megamix)

Here’s another mix by Cooh again. This one is luckily even harder than the last one I posted. It’s a chronological mix of the latest Future Sickness Release. They released a 10 years best of compilation with a shitload of great tracks. From darkstep and blasting drum and bass up to crossbreed. There, you’ll find some of the greatest dancefloor killers of the last 10 years. I can highly recommend the release to everybody who hasn’t already purchased the tracks. Back to the topic, the mix is surely fabulous. Firstly it’s mixed by Cooh and therefore the mixing is top […]