Ausnahmezustand in 2020

So holy crap! As usual we totally screwed up bringing you updates on a regular basis. But well, in this year we could at least blame it on fucking Corona. Let’s face the facts, we can’t blame everything we fuck up on Corona. So what are we going to do in this this ruined 2020? We have no clue.

Before this pandemic started we planned a shitload of new activities. For example our 10 years of Ausnahmezustand World Domination Tour which obviously never took place. We were happily looking forward to celebrating with you guys. Sadly, there is no way to predict when we will get back to business. Even though this situation sucks, we don’t want to cause any harm or create dangerous situations for our guests, therefore we keep a low profile and postpone everything onto the next year. Let’s see what the future has to offer.

However, not everything is as dark as it appears. We focus on our creative outputs and see how we can improve our brand and try to use the free time to gain new perspectives on our scene. Right now, we basically observe.

Ok enough meaningless chatter. What’s the plan you may ask? We don’t know. This is the same question what we ask ourselves all the time. BUT there is a silver lining. As already mentioned we already focus on new projects and for now, we will at least add more content. Of course, if you have any suggestions for us, we are always happy to receive messages from you.

See you in 2021 or 2022…. Or maybe worse, even already this year 😉

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