The legendary DJ Producer is responsible for the latest Oblivion Underground Podcast. The mix itself covers everything that contemporary hardcore has to offer. Btw. I really hate the intro track so much πŸ˜€ Tracklist: 01. XATURATE – X 02. LIMEWAX, THRASHER, SWITCH TECHNIQUE & DIESEL BOY – SPICY BOLZ 03. THE OUTSIDE AGENCY – EVERYTHING IS FINE 04. MAZTEK – MADMAZ 05. SEI2URE – I SEND YOU TO HELL 06. THE OUTSIDE AGENCY & OPHIDIAN – RETURN OF THE SILENCE 07. EDUB – IM NOT THE ONLY ONE 08. IGOR – DENY 09. DEATHMACHINE – NASTY 10. DJIPE -SHADOWCUTS 11. […]

DJ Smurf @ BKJN 15 Years. Zaandam, Holland – 22/09/2018

Well, another mix with super old music. But who can resist a mix from DJ Smurf? Tracklist: Hardcore Fiend – Comply (DJ Smurf Remix) Napalm – Lick My Ass [remastered] (Napalm) Akira 101 – DonΒ΄t Smoke Coke (Shockwave) East West Posse – Sinclair On Air (Control) DJ Smurf – Shitter (Orig 97 version re-make) Delta 9 – Hard Core Chicago (remix) (Drop Bass) Disciples of Annihilation – NYC Speedcore (Industrial Strength) DJ Freak – Never Been To Brooklyn (Storm Records) DJ Freak – Romper Stomper (DJ Smurf remix) (Deng Deng) Surbont – Stoned Turicain (Core-Tex Labs) Doormouse – Who Stole […]

Rottencore Live @ Dimensions Of Darkness – 14 – 09 – 2018

The sound of Rottencore for you home! Can there be anything better in this disgusting world? Tracklist in live mode: Intro: A speech made with a bot. – Just Go On It. – Violent – I Need Money – Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil (Anthem 2014) – Assassin Of Terror – Who The Fuck I Am – Brain Pressure – Not On My Head – Dirty Assassin – Fuck Off – Rottencore & KCMA – You’re A Fucking Bitch – M1dlet – Take Yo Ass Home (Rottencore Remix) Outro: An Amiga 8 Bit game intro music.

Tsugi Podcast 496 : The DJ Producer

If you speak french you might have a look at this interview with the DJ Producer. I sadly cannot tell you what’s in it, but maybe you can tell us πŸ˜€ We just came here for the mix! Tracklist: 1. Acid Diaper β€” Stoemp β€” [YELLOW STRIPE] 2. Hallucinator β€” Burn β€” [PRSPCT] 3. Wavolizer β€” Rollin N β€” [THE THIRD MOVEMENT] 4. Dolphin β€” Mashpit β€” [OBLIVION] 5. Xaturate & Edub β€” Big Foot β€” [PRSPCT XTRM] 6. Detest β€” Switch It Up β€” [MOTORMOUTH] 7. Djipe β€” Worldrot β€” [HERESY] 8. Edub β€” Call To Jesus Remix β€” […]

Thumpa – Chapter Five (Industrial / Uptempo / Terror Mix 180-250bpm)

Nice and pumping hardcore/terror mix by Thumpa. Tracklist: 01. The 3Eyed – Extermination – MultiSick (OUT NOW) 02. Mass Destruction – Bad Guys – MultiSick (OUT NOW) 03. The 3Eyed – W.A.Y.D.T. – MultiSick (OUT NOW) 04. Streiks & Kratchs – Don’t F*cking Touch Me 05. N-Vitral & Sei2ure – Noise Pumper (Meccano Twins Remix) 06. Satan – Meat 07. The Outside Agency – Locker Room Talk 08. Hellfish – Killdem (FR Remix) 09. Drokz & Apathy – I Don’t Bow Down 10. Tieum & Angernoizer – Funk Dedication 11. The Punisher – Way Of Life 12. The Trickster – […]

Everything we missed since February…

Ok, we are sorry… Yeah admittedly, we thought that we will update this page on a more regular basis. But better late than never. Btw. if anyone is actually reading this, drop a message or let us know that there are people out there reading our crap. But let’s come back to business. We missed to post a shitload of mixes and other stuff. From now on, we will take care of it again. For how long and how regularly is not specified… Just imagine that we are no useless pricks (we know that it is hard to imagine such […]