Did anything happen?

So, my lovely hardcore heads and terrible music lovers from all around the world, this blog has been officially (whatever that means) resurrected. Or to put it bluntly, we keep working on content again. Actually, the reason we initially started this blog has always been to give people an insight on cool interesting music from the darkest corners of our solar system. However, it was a lot of work and the blog was very time consuming to maintain. Even though the blog required so many resources and we didn’t manage to properly run it, we want to give it another […]

Ausnahmezustand in 2020

So holy crap! As usual we totally screwed up bringing you updates on a regular basis. But well, in this year we could at least blame it on fucking Corona. Let’s face the facts, we can’t blame everything we fuck up on Corona. So what are we going to do in this this ruined 2020? We have no clue. Before this pandemic started we planned a shitload of new activities. For example our 10 years of Ausnahmezustand World Domination Tour which obviously never took place. We were happily looking forward to celebrating with you guys. Sadly, there is no way […]

Gabber Noir Archive 0001 – Death Qualia

This is without a doubt one of the weirdest – and one the best – mixes we’ve heard in a while. If you are into experimental and noisy sounds, then you will love this. Fifth Era[mittsommer 2019 thunderstorm][Sentinelese drum circle]Metgumbnerbone – “For The Raven pt II”16pad Noise Terrorist – Unhuman RMX [forthcoming Hands]DEFCE – “Shame Storage” [unreleased]Diagnostic – “Meta-Language” [EVA London Expo 2019]Death Qualia – [forthcoming Ohm Resistance]Death Qualia – “Ultra Fang Season”[Spinal Noir | Gabber Noir exclusive]Brian ReitzellDeath Cascade – “The Sending”Æthereal Arthropod – “Arrival of The Golden Elytron” [unreleased]._ \ • / _. Eon – “Lunetmars X6” [unreleased][Tectonic […]

ExileCast 014 Mixed by M1dlet

A typical hardcore mix by the Lithuanian guy M1dlet. As usual you find some weird mash-ups of more or less famous tracks in it. Enjoy the show! Tracklist: 1. M1dlet – Life’s A Bitch 2. Igneon System – Breakage 3. eDub & The Straikerz – Get Loose 4. M1dlet – Psychosocial 5. M1dlet – Tears Of Fear 6. The Satan – You Are Sick 7. Sei2ure – Suck My Dick 8. M1dlet – Tell Me 9. Audio Assault – Insanity 10. DJ Producer – Modus Operandi 11. M1dlet – Knock Them Out ( Brainrape Remix ) 12. M1dlet – Knock […]

Harder + Louder – The Free Album

For only 0 € you can grab your hands around 9 fresh drum and bassy tunes from the russian harder & louder label. 1. Masamune – Wrath Of Malthael 04:26 2. Juspian & uFO’Q – Savage 03:25 3. Dykman & Dekel – Techback 07:05 4. Skim & JDAM – Kill Confirmed 05:23 5. Snikta – Mutation 07:57 6. Tekkno Kid – Feargoood 06:13 7. Impex – Simple 03:45 8. Bestial – Pulse 04:50 9. Fifthy & EarClear – Time to Play 05:33 The Free Album (Free Download) by Various Artists

Workshops AZS 8

In eigener Sache eine kleine Umfrage zwecks Interesse an Workshops zum nächsten Ausnahmezustand am 10.11.2018. Da es für feste Zusagen noch zu früh ist hier mal die möglichen Optionen. Stimmt ab an was ihr teilnehmen wollt und dann sehen wir was wir davon realisieren werden. Wenn das fest steht wird es die entsprechende Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung geben. Hier die Optionen: 1.) DJ Workshop: Einführung in die Grundlagen und Grundbegriffe des Auflegens. Warum legen wir eigentlich Musik auf? Was gibt es für unterschiedliche Abspielmedien (Turntables, CD-Player, Controller)? Welche Vor- und Nachteile haben diese? Worauf gilt es beim Auflegen zu achten? Was […]

Sickcast Vol. 29 by East Kingdom

Now that’s what I call crossbreed! I have to admit that I have a hard time finding good crossbreed lately. But this mix really reminded me of why I started to like crossbreed in the first place 🙂 Tracklist: 1. East Kingdom – ??? 2. Absurd & Ca2k – Room Number One (Future Sickness) 3. Absurd – Mekanizm (Future Sickness) 4. East Kingdom – Nightmares 5. Limewax – Jupiter 6. Cooh & Current Value – Naglfar 7. Ca2k – Matrix (Katharsys Remix) (Future Sickness) 8. East Kingdom – Unleashed 9. East Kingdom – Visions 10. Katharsys – Train Wreck (East […]

Fexomat @ System Fracture [Arena Club/Berlin] 2017

Fexomat keeping the mashup business alive and kicking. The tracklist is sel explanatory 😀 Tracklist: 1) moby – go (mulder remix) 2) amex & kaiza – shrinz (malsum rmx) 3) sequential one – my love is hot 4) future primitive – difficult situation (seva remix) 5) human error – impact 6) ice mc – music is the vibe 7) crunky & sinecore – apotheose 8) dj hype – peace, love & unity 9) marfan syndrome – hidden mothers 10) forgiven soul – broken circuit 11) ctrl -dub beats vip (ed solo rmx) 12) the masochist – fuck you bitch 13) […]

DJ Smurf @ The Original Uptempo

Another amazing oldschool mix by DJ Smurf. Yeah this dude keeps terror alive! Tracklist: DJ Smurf – Come Deng With Me Overcast – Attack (Bloody Fist) Wendy Milan – Big Bad Brother (Shockwave) Technological Terror Crew – Swearcore (Deathchant) Stinger – Rottercastle (CSR) Hardcore Fiend – Comply (DJ Smurf Remix) (Blown) Nasenbluten – No More Fucking Credibility (Tha Real G No More Re-Edit) StickHead & Don Demon – DemonHead (Darkcontroller & s’Aphira 2013 ReFix) Colonel Stench – Baby (Norton) Akira 101 – Don´t Smoke Coke (Shockwave) DJ Smurf – Shitter (Orig 97 version re-make) Dj Smurf – Fuck Me Geordie […]

Audioexploitcast #040 by Rudi Ratte

A simply bouncing set. The first track straight brought me in a super calm mode. Bouncy core at its finest. Even though the music gets way faster I still would say that the label ‘bouncy’ is accurate! Tracklist: Damcase – B3 (Pi Electronics) Ghost in the Machine – Hold my Drink (Perc Traxx) Mis_Gato – ZXT 52 (Interwave) The Outside Agency – Forest Children (Strange Arrival Remix) Genosha) Drvg Cvltvre – Scare Your Children (Tripalium Records) 14anger & Dep Affect – Dirty Mirror (Green Fetish Records) Analogue Bipolar Boy – MDMA (Rave till Die Records) The Outside Agency – The […]


Are you familiar with Oblivion Records? Maybe better check their bandcamp account. I can highly recommend their releases so far. Seems like Deathmachine likes Joe Et’s label, too. He selected his favourite Oblivion releases and put them together in a amazing mix. Tracklist: 01. eDUB – Industrial Meat – OBLIVION005 02. Kader – Necessary Evil – OBLIVION004 03. Stormtrooper – Welcome To Oblivion – OBLIVION004 04. Tugie – Ill Skills – OBLIVION007 05. Nonexistent – Blender – Nonexistent – OBLIVION005 06. eDUB – I’m Not The Only One – OBLIVION006 07. Dolphin – 2018 – OBLIVION001 08. Khaoz Engine – […]

The Relic @ BHS YEARMIX 2017

More slow core? I think yes! Tracklist: 01. Sacerdos Vigilia – Last Night Distortion Saved My Life 02. Xaero & Embrionyc – You Broke My Heart 03. Mental Wreckage – Lawaai (Disrupted by Mute.) 04. Ghost In The Machine – The Holy Grill 05. Dep Affect – Old War 06. My_Initials – Ripper 07. Tymon – Warehouse 08. The Outside Agency – Forest Children (Strange Arrival Remix) 09. Corner – Genetic Designer 10. Innovative – Soiled 11. Defiler – Disobedience 12. Cubic Nomad – The Whole Universe Surrenders 13. Helios Is Dead – International Frequencies 14. Stan Grewzell – Coding […]

CORECAST 23 Featuring Sacerdos Vigilia

Slow, hard and annoying? Yup 🙂 Tracklist: 01. Natrion – Rip & Tear (Ripped & Teared by Sacerdos Vigilia) 02. Strange Arrival – Eldritch 03. Sacerdos Vigilia – CXXVIII 04. Synaptic Memories – Sensory Deprivation 05. Benjamin’s Plague – Tyrants Will Fall (Decide Remix By Demanufacturer) 06. Sacerdos Vigilia – INDZ_RVLTN 07. Bioxeed – Nothing Can Help Us 08. ID – ID 09. SummA – Don’t You Know Fantasia 10. The Outside Agency & Mindustries – Superheroes (Album Version) 11. Life::::Runs::::Red – The Resheph Syndrome 12. Synaptic Memories & Sacerdos Vigilia – Xylamide 13. Densha Crisis – Noir Core 14. […]

Harder & Louder Podcast 60 + 61

Number 60 is done by one of our all time favourites Switch Technique. This guy simply never disappoints! Tracklist: 01. Eye-D, DJ Hidden & Switch Technique – One For The Team 02. Switch Technique & C-Netik – Chrome Heart 03. Freqax – Engage 04. Katharsys – Slippery Slope 05. Switch Technique & Brainpain – Rumble 06. Wavolizer – Crunk Up 07. Switch Technique – Softbreed 08. Fragz & Merikan – Sharpshooter 09. Switch Technique – Quarks & Leptons 10. I:Gor – Heavyweightchamp 11. Switch Technique – Nekrogasm 12. The Satan – Undead Flesh 13. The Outside Agency – Machinery Of […]

Motormouth Podcast 055 + 056

The first mix is from Detest. A lot of his own tunes in it, so you can be sure it’s quality hardcore! The Second Podcast was mixed by Al Twisted, the head of Motormouth Recordz himself. It’s basically a personal best of mix of Madback Records releases. If you are not familiar with the Madback and Motormouth releases so far you might find a lot of interesting stuff in their catalogue. And as usual I can highly recommend to check out the other Motormouth podcasts.

04.02.2017: Lisa’s Happy Birthcore Party!! (Void/Berlin)

Right after the last Ausnahmzustand, Lisa asked me if I want to help her with her birthday party. Her biggest wish was to see Grr once again. Luckily, he wants to play with us (some of the usual suspects and others) at her Birthday Party at the Void (former Subland). It would be a pleasure to meet some of you in Berlin 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/events/366004287091891/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● LINEUP ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ◉ Mainroom – Crossbreed / Hardcore / Breakcore ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ☢ GRR (Industrial Strength, Peace off, Mechanical brain – Berlin) www.facebook.com/grrdistortion ☢ SONAIR (Therapy Sessions, N1ghtshift, Subdivision – Berlin) www.facebook.com/sonairdnbmusic ☢ ACRITER (Therapy Sessions, […]

Future Sickness Sickcast Vol. 15 by Max Shade

Get this fresh mix by Max Shade as long as it is hot. With this mix he’s promoting his new “Chaos EP” on Future Sickness Records. To be honest, if it were up to me, the mix could be a little harder, but those of you that are more Drum and Bass-oriented will have a great half hour of quality stuff. Towards the end it’s also getting a little harder. Mixing is top and I mean if you don’t like it, just skip it, hopefully you don’t 😉   Tracklist: 01. The Clamps & TR Tactics – Topology (Addictive Behaviour Rec.) 02. L33 […]

What the Hell are we doing here

Don’t get confused, you’ll find the English version below 😉 Moin, hallo, wunderschönen guten Tag, ohne lange Umschweife komme ich direkt auf den Punkt. Wir haben uns sehr sehr viele Gedanken macht gemacht, wie es weitergehen kann (und das nicht erst seit dem letzten AUSNAHMEZUSTAND). So richtig haben wir keine Ideallösung gefunden – vorerst zumindest. Aber eins ist sicher: wir sind zu dem Entschluss gekommen, dass es unsagbar schade wäre, AZS komplett aussterben zu lassen. Daher versuchen wir alles möglich zu machen, um das Ding am Leben zu halten. Wie genau wir uns das vorstellen? Nun ja, zunächst kehren wir […]