Syrinx – Deadly Pasta Ubercore LP

It’s been a while since the last LP we posted here. This album is from the russian drum and bass/crossbreed producer Syrinx. If you have been listening to this kind of music, you should be familiar with him and his style. The album came out in June on the american Label Mindocracy Recordings from Austin, Texas. The LP is a quite accurate depiction of the styles he produces. From annoying (sorry to say that) and screechy crossbreed to punishing drum and bass and even some core, there’s a little bit of everything on this LP. The versatality itself makes the […]


The next festival recording is from the Teknoist. I didn’t know that there are recordings for download available from Defqon, but it appears as if you can easily grab a copy. Especially for Defqon a rather unusual mix! A whole lotta drum and bass in this one. Also lots of amen stuff inside, yeah! No Tracklist available, sorry!

FUGLY @ Freqs of Nature Festival 2018

After another delay of 2 months, we luckily found some new mixes you might enjoy. First one here is from our friend Fugly. Sure a DJ you should keep an eye. As some of you may know, the australian Drum and Bass machine belongs in my opinion to the most talented DJs we ever booked. This mix is a recording from the infamous Freqs of Nature Festival. I never visited it, but I’ve only heard good things about it. I can imagine some of have been there and may have also seen him performing. Have fun listening to it again […]

Infections Podcast #13 by BLAST

Nicely mixed Drum and Bass with a classics as well as fresh tunes. Tracklist: :: Sinister Souls, Hallucinator & Fragz – Alive :: Blast – ID :: Merikan – Superficial extent :: Blast – ID :: Counterstrike, Dub Elements & Trasher – Renegades :: Counterstrike – Fear division destruction :: Blast – ID :: Absurd & Ca2k – Configuration :: Raiden & Prode – Vodkabite :: Blast & Manowarp – ID :: Hidden, Eye-D and Switch Technique – One for the team :: Yabol – Appendicitis (The Sect Remix) :: Blast & Fragz – Cosmic Radiation :: Cooh – Adons […]

CORECAST 24 Featuring Deathmachine

Deathmachine never disappoints! Tracklist: 01. The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 – Belief Systems 02. Somniac One – Electronic Dance Music 03. The Outside Agency & Dither – No One 04. The Outside Agency – The Killing Feels 05. The Outside Agency, Mindustries & Dither – Control Freaks 06. N-Vitral – Kombat Aktion 07. Deathmachine – I Know VIP 08. Dolphin – Mashpit 09. The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – The Violence 10. Deathmachine – TBA 11. Igneon System & eDub – Ruckus Power 12. Khaoz Engine – Monster Truck 13. eDub – Daily Dose Of Hardcore 14. Dolphin & […]

Tsugi Podcast 496 : The DJ Producer

If you speak french you might have a look at this interview with the DJ Producer. I sadly cannot tell you what’s in it, but maybe you can tell us πŸ˜€ We just came here for the mix! Tracklist: 1. Acid Diaper β€” Stoemp β€” [YELLOW STRIPE] 2. Hallucinator β€” Burn β€” [PRSPCT] 3. Wavolizer β€” Rollin N β€” [THE THIRD MOVEMENT] 4. Dolphin β€” Mashpit β€” [OBLIVION] 5. Xaturate & Edub β€” Big Foot β€” [PRSPCT XTRM] 6. Detest β€” Switch It Up β€” [MOTORMOUTH] 7. Djipe β€” Worldrot β€” [HERESY] 8. Edub β€” Call To Jesus Remix β€” […]

Hong Kong Violence Tribute Mix by Markdev

Hong Kong Violence is sure an outstanding record label. Akira as the head of the label keeps pushing the boundaries with HKV. A lot of good memories are connected to some of their catalogue. The mix itself was recorded from a guy called Markdev. Haven’t heard of his name yet, but definitely worth listening.

Chipcore Revisited by Chip Entropy (Low Entropy)

Finally I found time to upload this album. To me it sounds like a super bad trip through my old console games from way back when. Really catchy vibes and nice atmospheres. Simplistic but mesmerizing. Make up your mind, you can get the album for free or donate a few bucks πŸ˜‰


Just in time for their new EP!!! Tracklist: 1. Cheap Scam – Qualmishness 2. Pressure Chromium – Suicide VIP 3. Terror Cell & Layer 3 – Isolation 4. Suicide – ??? 5. Dj E – Alone 6. Suicide – Paranormality (Harder & Louder) 7. Suicide – Slon (Harder & Louder) 8. Biostacis – Scars 9. Suicide – ??? 10. Suicide – ??? 11. Technical itch – The Key 12. Suicide – Broad Gauge 13. Brakken & Technical itch – Night Falls 14. Dj E – Never Say Goodbye 15. Suicide – Plastic Dub (Harder & Louder) And don’t forget the […]

Silent Killer Mixes from 2007, 2008, and 2009

I found these 3 mixes on Silent Killer’s soundcloud account recently. Known for his appetite for hard drum and bass, darkstep, hardstep and such, his mixes feature exactly the sound we have in mind when we think of this rough drum and bass stuff we love so much πŸ™‚ All three mixes function as a good reminder of the releases before 2010. You can find diverse selections with stunning sound scapes to explore over here. Silent Killer Halloween Violation Mix (2007) Free Download Silentkiller – Orgy Noisia Vs Konflict – Subdue Messiah (Mash Up) Enduser – Playing the Devil Lethal […]

AZS presents 9 by DJ DDT

Yo, here we go with a new podcast from our close friend DJ DDT. Many years of experience translate into relentless mixing and a top notch selection πŸ™‚ Thankks a lot for this amazing mix! Tracklist: 1 Make Some Noise – SINISTER SOULS 2 Extaziest – TOBAX 3 Vertigo – Kronology 4 Megahertz (Gridlok M.F. Mix) – BTK feat. Gridlok 5 Unleash The Beat – SkuD 6 Arsenal – Gancher & Ruin 7 Turrican (Absurd Remix) – The Sect & Absurd 8 Archangel (Merikan Remix) – Kroks 9 Trouble – REDPILL 10 Compulsion – COUNTERSTRIKE 11 Gravitational Lensing – Mefjus […]

STFU Donny 003

Hard Drum and Bass as it is supposed to be! Tracklist: 01. Donny & Katharsys – Wraith (Forbidden Society Remix) [Crash Pang Wallop] 02. Current Value – Eager Fight A.M.C Remix [Titan] 03. High Rankin – Active Shooter Event [PRSPCT] 04. Merikan – Superficial Extent [PRSPCT] 05. Donny & Sinister Souls – Kill The Right People [Crash Pang Wallop] 06. Akov – Shak Out [C4C] 07. Fragz – All Systems [Algorythm] 08. Donny – In a Dream [Crash Pang Wallop] 09. Traimer & Nagato – Bastards [Yellow Stripe] > Donny – The Resistance [Algorythm] 10. Maniatics – The Script [Titan] […]

BKZCAST066 – NRZ – Drum’n’Core Bankizz Mix

Sounds like another delicious crossbreed podcast πŸ˜‰ Tracklist: 1. No Problem VIP – Chase & Status 2. Retrofit (Original Mix) – Cooh & C-Netik 3. Just Bounce – The Prototypes 4. Epistemic – DKaos 5. Nightfall & Stealth & Codebreaker 6. Time To Meet The Devil (Original Mix) – N-Vitral & Deathmachine 7. I Don’t Need A Reason (Mampi Swift remix)- Dizzee Rascal 8. The Architect – DITHER 9. Horns Up (Original Mix)- Sinister Souls 10. We Are The Virus – DKAOS 11. Warrior – Loadstar & Jakes 12. Stay With Us – DEATHMACHINE 13. Arraikis (Noisia remix)- Black Sun […]

Crossbreed Crossover Vol. 12

Haven’t listened to a bad mix from this dude yet! I can definitely recommend all of his sets πŸ˜‰ Tracklist: Tugie – ill Skills eDUB & MBK – G eDUB – Industrial Meat Stolen Cult – Spectrak Visions Wavolizer – Crank Up Sei2ure – Vibrator Kobaryo – Fairy Blood Bodyshock – Moshpit N-Vitral & Dither – Mainframe Malfunction Myosuke – Secondary Effects Sa†an – Bad Blood N-Vitral & Sei2ure – Let’s Get Dirty [Ghost:Drum’s Short Edit] Dolphin & Igneon System – Where I Belong Djipe – Worldrot Minupren & Stormtrooper – The Rhythm Flow (Detest Remix) qArk – Prison Break […]

Sickcast Vol. 29 by East Kingdom

Now that’s what I call crossbreed! I have to admit that I have a hard time finding good crossbreed lately. But this mix really reminded me of why I started to like crossbreed in the first place πŸ™‚ Tracklist: 1. East Kingdom – ??? 2. Absurd & Ca2k – Room Number One (Future Sickness) 3. Absurd – Mekanizm (Future Sickness) 4. East Kingdom – Nightmares 5. Limewax – Jupiter 6. Cooh & Current Value – Naglfar 7. Ca2k – Matrix (Katharsys Remix) (Future Sickness) 8. East Kingdom – Unleashed 9. East Kingdom – Visions 10. Katharsys – Train Wreck (East […]

Fexomat @ System Fracture [Arena Club/Berlin] 2017

Fexomat keeping the mashup business alive and kicking. The tracklist is sel explanatory πŸ˜€ Tracklist: 1) moby – go (mulder remix) 2) amex & kaiza – shrinz (malsum rmx) 3) sequential one – my love is hot 4) future primitive – difficult situation (seva remix) 5) human error – impact 6) ice mc – music is the vibe 7) crunky & sinecore – apotheose 8) dj hype – peace, love & unity 9) marfan syndrome – hidden mothers 10) forgiven soul – broken circuit 11) ctrl -dub beats vip (ed solo rmx) 12) the masochist – fuck you bitch 13) […]

Thumpa – Chapter Five (Industrial / Uptempo / Terror Mix 180-250bpm)

Nice and pumping hardcore/terror mix by Thumpa. Tracklist: 01. The 3Eyed – Extermination – MultiSick (OUT NOW) 02. Mass Destruction – Bad Guys – MultiSick (OUT NOW) 03. The 3Eyed – W.A.Y.D.T. – MultiSick (OUT NOW) 04. Streiks & Kratchs – Don’t F*cking Touch Me 05. N-Vitral & Sei2ure – Noise Pumper (Meccano Twins Remix) 06. Satan – Meat 07. The Outside Agency – Locker Room Talk 08. Hellfish – Killdem (FR Remix) 09. Drokz & Apathy – I Don’t Bow Down 10. Tieum & Angernoizer – Funk Dedication 11. The Punisher – Way Of Life 12. The Trickster – […]

DJ Smurf @ The Original Uptempo

Another amazing oldschool mix by DJ Smurf. Yeah this dude keeps terror alive! Tracklist: DJ Smurf – Come Deng With Me Overcast – Attack (Bloody Fist) Wendy Milan – Big Bad Brother (Shockwave) Technological Terror Crew – Swearcore (Deathchant) Stinger – Rottercastle (CSR) Hardcore Fiend – Comply (DJ Smurf Remix) (Blown) Nasenbluten – No More Fucking Credibility (Tha Real G No More Re-Edit) StickHead & Don Demon – DemonHead (Darkcontroller & s’Aphira 2013 ReFix) Colonel Stench – Baby (Norton) Akira 101 – DonΒ΄t Smoke Coke (Shockwave) DJ Smurf – Shitter (Orig 97 version re-make) Dj Smurf – Fuck Me Geordie […]

Audioexploitcast #040 by Rudi Ratte

A simply bouncing set. The first track straight brought me in a super calm mode. Bouncy core at its finest. Even though the music gets way faster I still would say that the label ‘bouncy’ is accurate! Tracklist: Damcase – B3 (Pi Electronics) Ghost in the Machine – Hold my Drink (Perc Traxx) Mis_Gato – ZXT 52 (Interwave) The Outside Agency – Forest Children (Strange Arrival Remix) Genosha) Drvg Cvltvre – Scare Your Children (Tripalium Records) 14anger & Dep Affect – Dirty Mirror (Green Fetish Records) Analogue Bipolar Boy – MDMA (Rave till Die Records) The Outside Agency – The […]


Are you familiar with Oblivion Records? Maybe better check their bandcamp account. I can highly recommend their releases so far. Seems like Deathmachine likes Joe Et’s label, too. He selected his favourite Oblivion releases and put them together in a amazing mix. Tracklist: 01. eDUB – Industrial Meat – OBLIVION005 02. Kader – Necessary Evil – OBLIVION004 03. Stormtrooper – Welcome To Oblivion – OBLIVION004 04. Tugie – Ill Skills – OBLIVION007 05. Nonexistent – Blender – Nonexistent – OBLIVION005 06. eDUB – I’m Not The Only One – OBLIVION006 07. Dolphin – 2018 – OBLIVION001 08. Khaoz Engine – […]

The Outside Agency – Outcast #06

A “splifftastic” mix by the masterminds themselves! Couldn’t describe it better as they already did. Tracklist: 01. The Outside Agency – Forest Children (Strange Arrival Remix) 02. Wavolizer & The Outside Agency – The Antagonist 03. The Outside Agency & Mindustries – Superheroes 04. The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – Neurosurgery 05. The Outside Agency, Mindustries & Dither – Control Freaks 06. The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 – Belief Systems 07. The Outside Agency & Dither – No One 08. Tripped – The Jungle (The Outside Agency Remix) (Part 1 & 2) 09. The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – […]

The Relic @ BHS YEARMIX 2017

More slow core? I think yes! Tracklist: 01. Sacerdos Vigilia – Last Night Distortion Saved My Life 02. Xaero & Embrionyc – You Broke My Heart 03. Mental Wreckage – Lawaai (Disrupted by Mute.) 04. Ghost In The Machine – The Holy Grill 05. Dep Affect – Old War 06. My_Initials – Ripper 07. Tymon – Warehouse 08. The Outside Agency – Forest Children (Strange Arrival Remix) 09. Corner – Genetic Designer 10. Innovative – Soiled 11. Defiler – Disobedience 12. Cubic Nomad – The Whole Universe Surrenders 13. Helios Is Dead – International Frequencies 14. Stan Grewzell – Coding […]

CORECAST 23 Featuring Sacerdos Vigilia

Slow, hard and annoying? Yup πŸ™‚ Tracklist: 01. Natrion – Rip & Tear (Ripped & Teared by Sacerdos Vigilia) 02. Strange Arrival – Eldritch 03. Sacerdos Vigilia – CXXVIII 04. Synaptic Memories – Sensory Deprivation 05. Benjamin’s Plague – Tyrants Will Fall (Decide Remix By Demanufacturer) 06. Sacerdos Vigilia – INDZ_RVLTN 07. Bioxeed – Nothing Can Help Us 08. ID – ID 09. SummA – Don’t You Know Fantasia 10. The Outside Agency & Mindustries – Superheroes (Album Version) 11. Life::::Runs::::Red – The Resheph Syndrome 12. Synaptic Memories & Sacerdos Vigilia – Xylamide 13. Densha Crisis – Noir Core 14. […]

Harder & Louder Podcast 60 + 61

Number 60 is done by one of our all time favourites Switch Technique. This guy simply never disappoints! Tracklist: 01. Eye-D, DJ Hidden & Switch Technique – One For The Team 02. Switch Technique & C-Netik – Chrome Heart 03. Freqax – Engage 04. Katharsys – Slippery Slope 05. Switch Technique & Brainpain – Rumble 06. Wavolizer – Crunk Up 07. Switch Technique – Softbreed 08. Fragz & Merikan – Sharpshooter 09. Switch Technique – Quarks & Leptons 10. I:Gor – Heavyweightchamp 11. Switch Technique – Nekrogasm 12. The Satan – Undead Flesh 13. The Outside Agency – Machinery Of […]

Motormouth Podcast 055 + 056

The first mix is from Detest. A lot of his own tunes in it, so you can be sure it’s quality hardcore! The Second Podcast was mixed by Al Twisted, the head of Motormouth Recordz himself. It’s basically a personal best of mix of Madback Records releases. If you are not familiar with the Madback and Motormouth releases so far you might find a lot of interesting stuff in their catalogue. And as usual I can highly recommend to check out the other Motormouth podcasts.

Everything we missed since February…

Ok, we are sorry… Yeah admittedly, we thought that we will update this page on a more regular basis. But better late than never. Btw. if anyone is actually reading this, drop a message or let us know that there are people out there reading our crap. But let’s come back to business. We missed to post a shitload of mixes and other stuff. From now on, we will take care of it again. For how long and how regularly is not specified… Just imagine that we are no useless pricks (we know that it is hard to imagine such […]

04.02.2017: Lisa’s Happy Birthcore Party!! (Void/Berlin)

Right after the last Ausnahmzustand, Lisa asked me if I want to help her with her birthday party. Her biggest wish was to see Grr once again. Luckily, he wants to play with us (some of the usual suspects and others) at her Birthday Party at the Void (former Subland). It would be a pleasure to meet some of you in Berlin πŸ™‚ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● LINEUP ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ β—‰ Mainroom – Crossbreed / Hardcore / Breakcore β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬ ☒ GRR (Industrial Strength, Peace off, Mechanical brain – Berlin) ☒ SONAIR (Therapy Sessions, N1ghtshift, Subdivision – Berlin) ☒ ACRITER (Therapy Sessions, […]

OGONEK – Hell Kitchen Radioshow Mix (22.12.2016) (clean)

Hell yeah! Ogonek with a bouncing and nicely mixed recording for Hell Kitchen. Amazing work, even though I’m not that much into this kind of dnb. Tracklist: 01. Snow Ghosts – The Hunted 02. YMB – Call to Valhalla /UNSIGNED/ 03. Petram – My future! /METAFIZIQ/ 04. Cooh – Kill the Robot 05. Aktive – Bounce Wid It /PLAY ME TOO/ 06. Cooh & Current Value – Biohazard /PRSPCT/ 07. Ogonek – No Mercy /FORTHCOMING MINDOCRACY/ 08. Brainpain – Poison Gas /OTHERCIDE/ 09. Pythius – Driveyard ft. MC Kryptomedic /BLACKOUT/ 10. Dub Zero & Bass Shock – Jungle Of Fear […]


Do you still remember that we already had the luck to book Katharsys in Gera. It was about 5 years ago as I remember correctly. I think at that time the green room was still alive. Oh, what a night… πŸ™‚ Anyhow, for the beautiful Crach Records label, they recorded a nice mix of hard drum and bass and crossbreed, for your purest listening pleasures πŸ˜‰ Tracklist: Donny _ Swarm & Multiply (Katharsys remix) Synthakt & Counterstrike – I Believe DYLAN _ Dark Planet (Donny remix) The Outside Agency – Bulletproof Fragz & Limewax – Flickering Switch Katharsys _ dirty […]


Do you know Kader? I also stumbled across his music only one year ago or so, but I have to say, I really like his music. As a DJ, he also knows how to amaze. With this mix, you can get a disturbing glimpse at some slowcore/doomcore/industrial whatsoever. Pretty slow + totally annoying + heavily distorted = absolutely my type of music πŸ˜‰ Btw. as it seems, also Sacerdos Vigilia got his hands on the mix. Double trouble for free! Tracklist: 1 Speakerdeamon- Break a bone for money (2006) 2 Demanufacturer- Volcano 3 Natrion- Rip & Tear 4 Batashi- Nowhere […]

KRYTIKA Productions Podcast 010 – Switch Technique

Beautiful mix by the mastermind himself. It was a great pleasure to have him over at our party. Here you have the chance to listen to his mixing and production skills. In my eyes this guy is on top of Olympus. And btw. this guy is also such a nice fellow. Book him or at least listen to this set πŸ™‚ Tracklist: Chee & Counterstrike – Perfect Machine (Algorythm) Syrinx – Returned (Black Hoe) Synthakt – Spiral View (Algorythm) Blast & Fragz – Cosmic Radiation (Yellow Stripe) Pythius & DJ Hidden – Corrosive (Blackout) Switch Technique – Sour Sky (Black […]

Syrinx October 2016 Promo Mix

A nice little promomix by Syrinx. I hope that you are all already familiar with this guy. Btw. I know that I didn’t put up a review for his latest album, but I’ll do so soon, I promise. Anyway, this russian guy really knows how to rock! Tracklist: 1.Syrinx – 52kHz Vampire King 2.Nekrokick – Mercs 3.SATAN – Bleed 4.Syrinx – Pulverize 5.Nekrokick – Fucking Pay Me 6.C-Netik & Syrinx – Pale Blue 7.Syrinx – Deadly Hustle 8.Syrinx & BSA – Enigma 9.Syrinx – Rockstar 10.Syrinx – Underneath 11.Syrinx – The Worship Of Baphomet 12.Syrinx – Returned 13.Syrinx – Mastrubating […]