Radical Boombox by Laxenanchaos

The Japanese Artist Laxenanchaos released with Radical Boombox a pretty impressive and highly diverse release on Suck Puck Recordz. It’s impossible to describe the album with only one genre, according to the label it features “14 tunes in IDM, Acidcore, Footwork, Jungle, Breakcore, Juke, Experimental styles”.

You’ll get tons of distorted kick drums, chopped breakbeats and frenetic 303ish sounds. If you are into that stuff, you can buy the whole album for only 5 € or 7 € if you want a selfmade DiY CD (limitied to 50 pieces). Since the album is so diverse und unpredictable it’s recommended for everyone who needs some new musical inputs.

1Hyper Feet
2Demon’s Fav Acid
3A Girl Dreaming Of Electric Sheep
4Mad Attack Jungle
5Optimistic Emergency
6Fuck Junkie Opportunist
9Devious Baby
10Undead Lady
11Fucking Crowded Train
12Space Tribe
13Bunny Man
14Spice Tribe Live Ver

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