BumbaCast V Part.1 Hardlogik

I have to say that I always adored the Spanish guy Hardlogik. The bumba stuff always got me. I don’t know why, but probably you’ll find out yourself 😉 Tracklist: 01.-Hardlogik – Galindo Slaughter 02.-The Outside Agency – Hours & Dreams (Detest Remix) 03.-Hardlogik – Serumen 04.-Syrinx – Creatures Are Watching 05.-Deathmachine – I Know 06.-Hardlogik – Experts In Hell 07.-eRRe + Hardlogik = Its Gonna Hurt 08.-Hardlogik – Night Rider 09.-Limewax – No Hope 10.-Hardlogik – Leroy (Merlín) 11.-Hardlogik – The LAst Tolay 12.-Current Value – Get Down To It 13.-eRRe – Noizes & Claps 14.-eRRe + Hardlogik = Six Hundred […]

Section 8 Recordings Podcast 17: Miss Keit

Not the latest Section 8 Podcast, yet one the best. I love the selection. Finally someone who’s able to play a through and through hard selection. Big up to Miss Keit. I hope to see more tapes like this one. Btw. fuck the Doctor P remix, this isn’t funny. And before I forget it, Krytika recorded number 18 for the podcast series. As you know, this guy knows what he’s doing! Tracklist: N-Vitral & I:Gor – Crack Ya Neck Hallucinator & Sinister Souls – Exorcize Katharsys – Train Wreck Damaged_Minds – FCKN DNCE Death – Controller 223 (DUB) Death – Asylum (DUB) […]


I have to admit that I cannot agree with he tracklist all the time, but in general it’s a nice mix. A little bit too much on the DnB (Neuro) side, however, still banging. 🙂 Tracklist: 1. ID 2. Goldberg Variations – Keta Of London [Position Chrome] 3. Big-Head – Gatling Gun [Dub] 4. Big-Head – Haunted [Triamer] 5. Big-Head & Krieg – Everything Is Ashes [Dub] 6. Goldberg Variations – Tommy Of 47 [Position Chrome] 7. Big-Head – Serial Killer [Dub] 8. Goldberg Variations & David Of Tirol – Skull Of Kickings [Position Chrome] 9. BSA – Pull Me […]

Circular D – F#ckingcast 012

A pretty nice selection from Circular D. If you are into Crossbreed, give this mix a listen. I enjoyed it a lot 🙂 Tracklist: 01.BSA – Back To The Future [YELLOW STRIPE] 02.Limewax – OPXVIP [LB] 03.Circular D – P1lh4r [MF] 04.Looh – Criplets [LB] 05.Suicide – Get To The Rock [HARDER & LOUDER] 06.Terrortek & Zëro – Revoltionary Warfare [TRIAMER] 07.Stonebank vs Goldberg Variations – Stronger Dorksided (Circular D Mash-up) [NTBR] 08.The Panacea – Uberbomb [LB] 09.Miss Keit & B1per – Ghost [DEATHSOUNDBAT DUB] 10.C-Netik – The Hungriest [PRSPCT] 11.Deathmachine – Sick Bass [THE THIRD MOVEMENT] 12.Earbutter & Spragga Benz […]

Fuck the silly season

Sorry guys, we’ve been busy lately. As you might know, we work heavily on our next Ausnahmezustand party. For those of you that are eagerly looking forward to this event, we can tell you that it’s worth waiting. This time, it’ll be harder than ever. Two stages with the finest artists you can find. Everything from Crossbreed to Hardcore up to Breakcore will be on our list. The artists are already booked. So save the date. On 5.11. we’ll be hitting hard.   Apart from that, we do a shitload of other things. Lots of events came up lately. Our schedule is pretty dense […]