Gabber Noir Archive 0001 – Death Qualia

This is without a doubt one of the weirdest – and one the best – mixes we’ve heard in a while. If you are into experimental and noisy sounds, then you will love this.

Fifth Era
[mittsommer 2019 thunderstorm]
[Sentinelese drum circle]
Metgumbnerbone – “For The Raven pt II”
16pad Noise Terrorist – Unhuman RMX [forthcoming Hands]
DEFCE – “Shame Storage” [unreleased]
Diagnostic – “Meta-Language” [EVA London Expo 2019]
Death Qualia – [forthcoming Ohm Resistance]
Death Qualia – “Ultra Fang Season”
[Spinal Noir | Gabber Noir exclusive]
Brian Reitzell
Death Cascade – “The Sending”
Æthereal Arthropod – “Arrival of The Golden Elytron” [unreleased]
._ \ • / _. Eon – “Lunetmars X6” [unreleased]
[Tectonic Noir Patch | Gabber Noir exclusive]
Rell – “Roots feat Eramo” [OUT NOW Monolith Records]
C Mantle – [unreleased]
Icoste – “Meet The Technomancer” [unreleased]
Mika Vainio & Franck Vigroux – “Luxure”
[Acid Pipe | Gabber Noir exclusive]
m2 – “Winds & Ruins”
[Trance Noir | Gabber Noir exclusive]
Abjection – [cascade swart pads]
Aigokeros – “Brainscrub” [unreleased]
[Tectonic Noir Patch | Gabber Noir exclusive]
Hyper-C & Death Cascade present Hyper Cascade – [‘Night After’ live session raw cut]
Death Qualia – “Identity Sports”
HFK – “Sunflash” [unreleased]
Gridbug – “Woman Clothed in The Sun” [unreleased]
DEFCE – “Volume of Sorrows” [Death’s Final Hilarity version]

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