Aus Industrial Militia – Strength of the Militia

While Hardcore tends to be more and more boring, the new album by Aus Industrial Militia proves everybody wrong who claims that Hardcore is shit nowadays. Sure, the statement may remain true in some regards, but this does not apply at all for this release on Industrial Strength. The album manages to bring dancefloor friendly tracks that break out enough to deviate from the program but still remain danceable at all times. Moreover, it does a good job providing harshness when needed, but it never sounds forced or over the top. The artists behind Aus Industrial Militia Kader and DJ […]

Air J – Old Air​*​J Tracks 2007 – 2022 | AJM#000

Another collection of rather old tracks comes from Air J. Maybe some of you remember this guy. His works explicitly addresses people who are not afraid of snares. While his style usually centers around Hard Drum and Bass it oftentimes mutates into Crossbreed and Hardcore. Recently, he uploaded all of his old tracks which were written between 2007 and 2022 on bandcamp. For only 5€ you can get a whopping 51 tracks. In addition, there are remixes and collaborations with Peter Kurten, T-Psy and Brainpain, just to name a few. If you do not feel like going through 51 tracks, […]

Amboss – Basic Training (praxis_01001)

Known as a Breakcore and Drum and Bass veteran, Amboss returns to Praxis Records with a 10 track album. The album is a collection of previously unreleased tracks which were written between 2000 and 2003. Accordingly, this album is for everyone who wishes to go back to the early 2000s and to the relentless breakbeat violence from this era. All tracks feature severely destroyed soundscapes but in the best way possible. You could even go that far and call it a timeless release. For 5€ you receive a bunch of pretty cool tracks, so definitely consider it! Basic Training (praxis_01001) […]

LXC – We Have To Hold Apart

Finding words for this album is rather difficult. LXC rereleased and remastered “We Have to Hold Apart” along with a previously unreleased bonus tune and it simply sounds incredible. Absolutely weird and otherworldy music that does not follow any known formula. While it partially reminds you a bit of drum and bass it can not easily be put into any category. Just weird bits and bleeps having a good time. Of course, as you’d expect from an LXC release, you receive high quality audio, accompanied with strange puns, but also very thoughtful tracks that do not match anything (well maybe […]

Pure Hate Trax – Tape Bleed 001 VA [Noise Bleed]

The next release also comes a bit late to the table. But it definitely aged well since June last year. “Tape Bleed 001 VA [Noise Bleed]“ on the Berlin label Pure Hate Trax is a pretty broad approach towards distortion. While the first tracks fall into noisy, ambient sound textures, other tracks work more excessively with kickdrums, blending industrial with even more industrial – fast and slow. It seriously is an excellent composition with a well-crafted build up. The tracks sit great on this release, regardless of their very different speed, rhythms and level of creative destruction. Sure, it’s not […]

Hardez – Futurism

Definitely an album from last year that is still worth this year’s attention. “Futurism” by the Austrian Hardcore producer Hardez  is exactly how you would imagine an industrial Hardcore album with this title to be. It meanders between dancefloor friendly fire, insane breakdowns as well as industrial soundcapes. Every now and then it features some breaks here and there and enters Crossbreed territory. The style is consistent but still diverse throughout the release. Undoubtedly, everything is produced extremely well, it all sounds great and can effortlessly deliver the eerie, futuristic dystopian vibe, you’d come to expect. There are more releases […]

Evasion, Conman & Mod:CoBlind Sighted

Right in between Jungle and Drum and Bass sits this excellent piece of breakbeat wizardry. The free album by Evasion, Conman & Mod:Co Perfectly shows how heavy basslines can be. With a timeless sound design it shows versatility and sounds classic but still futuristic. The Polish label Offish is also offering all their digital releases for free. Maybe consider spending some time on their bandcamp page. There’s a lot to discover from dozens of incredible artists. Blind Sighted by Evasion, Conman & Mod:Co

LabRot – Cloud Chaser

Cloud Chaser by LabRot offers a bright perspective on – well what is this actually? Hmm, the release feeds on several styles such as techno, hardcore and industrial, but that’s apparently not all. It’s hard to find words for it, but it’s something else. Something partially truly broken und unheard before. In addition, the trippy sound design is never afraid to overthrow everything and to start anew. This makes the release an intriguing experiment without any foreseeable result. LabRot – Cloud Chaser by CORELIGULA

Somatic Responses – Unreal Memory

Only few can deliver albums like Somatic Responses. After all these years they just won’t run out of ideas. Their sound is still developing into realms you’ve absolutely never heard of. The whole album is a journey into uncharted territory without any boundaries. This also explains why the sound is constantly evolving into more and more sophisticated patterns of hectic acoustics. Undoubtedly, it’s the flow of their tracks that make this music stand out so much. The soundscapes effortlessly switch between dreamy and silky pads accompanied by lively percussions to gritty colorful worlds of darkness – if that makes sense. […]

Raiden & Current Value – Collab: 2

With tracks that are nearly 20 years old now already, you can’t hardly speak of a new release. However, Raiden took some time and effort to remaster some of his old classics and that’s the result. This EP features only collabs with the drum and bass mastermind Current Value. The featured tracks here are rolling as deep as your sub can go. Especially RM Bleeps has always been an excellent choice for any dancefloor. But also, the other tracks also could easily convince any drum and bass hater to even move a leg. All in all, it was a nice […]