PRSPCT PODCAST 23 by Lucy Furr

Another podcast from PRSPCT. This time mixed by Lucy Furr. I have to admit that I initially thought the mix wouldn’t be my type of drum and bass. And to be honest it isn’t, but the tracks are great anyhow! It needn’t have to be always full throttle. Hmm, this sounds a little misleading, the mix is banging as fuck! Lucy Furr delivers an awesome mix. Btw. if you’re not familiar with her, she is also well known as her alter ego Miss Hysteria. Tracklist: 1. Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – Thug 2. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit 3. […]

Dataklysm Vs. Relapse Bangface Live Set

Sorry, there’s no tracklist for this live mix. But on the bright side you get a nice hour full of industrial and hardcore straight from Bangface 2016. Those of you that always dreamed of going to this magic place can get at least this mix by Dataklysm and Relapse. Sounds like there are lots of mash ups and whatsoever in it. And don’t worry, the mix is picking up speed soon enough! Sit back and just enjoy the show!    

Future Sickness Sickcast Vol. 15 by Max Shade

Get this fresh mix by Max Shade as long as it is hot. With this mix he’s promoting his new “Chaos EP” on Future Sickness Records. To be honest, if it were up to me, the mix could be a little harder, but those of you that are more Drum and Bass-oriented will have a great half hour of quality stuff. Towards the end it’s also getting a little harder. Mixing is top and I mean if you don’t like it, just skip it, hopefully you don’t 😉   Tracklist: 01. The Clamps & TR Tactics – Topology (Addictive Behaviour Rec.) 02. L33 […]

Nerve Attack @ AJZ Erfurt 23.4.2016

Ok, finally there’s a nice party in our area again. If you are into any kind of harder Drum and Bass, Jungle or Breakcore you should not miss this one! Some of these guys already played at Ausnahmezustand and are also not unknown to the lovers of hard bass music. I don’t want to waste any more words, just check the lineup. Come early and stay late! See you there 😉   Drum & Bass: ~ Hasky (Paranoised) ~ Stereo & Neuroton (Nadeltrauma) ~ Destroyal (DRC) << live ~ Klump (DRC) ~ Skytekk (DRC) Jungle / Breakcore / Techno: ~ special guests: Koppmann & […]

RISE AND SHINE – a short documentary about the Panacea by Ira A. Goryainova

This one is for all of you that like to know a little more about one of the most infamous persons in the Drum and Bass scene. Of course we talk about the head of Position Chrome, the Panacea himself! Actually I guess it’s a waste of time to introduce this mastermind to you, since you should be familiar with his music. Some of you might have had the actual experience of seeing him live at Ausnahmezustand in Gera a few years ago. It was ace. Anyhow we don’t want to walk down memory lane, we want to post this video here for anyone that wants to […]


Sometimes it’s getting a little annoying to search for new tapes. And many it sucks listening to them. But not this time. If you like your Hardcore relentlessly brutal you’re most likely pretty pleased with this mix. It’s a early Terror mix by UKTM with a great tracklist. It’s been a while that I was stoked about a tape, so download it and play it as loud as possible. I’m dead certain that your neighbors love it, too. Don’t hesitate!   Tracklist: 1. Las Vegas 909 – Welcome To Hell / Worst Nightmare 2. Nasenbluten – Blow T’ The Nose 3. Dolphin & Dj […]

Goetia // Sei2ure – FOOTWORXX Sandy Warez Bday 13 Feb 2016 Warmup Podcast

For those of you that need it hard and fast, you’ll be pretty happy with Goetia. The riot girl from Montpellier, France is famous for her harder styles of electronic music. Sadly, there’s no tracklist for both mixes. The other mix by Sei2ure is full of his own productions. I dig most of his tracks in the tape apart from one. Well, I mean it’s Sei2ure, for me he symbolises experimental Hardcore. In this regard, you always have to be prepared for such a situation. Goetia – FOOTWORXX Sandy Warez Bday 13 Feb 2016 Warmup Podcast Sei2ure – FOOTWORXX Sandy […]

Motormouth Podcast 027 – CODE:RED – Darkside Resident Evil Mix#1

Motormouth‘s a great label, if you like all kinds of Hardcore, but also more experimental approaches towards this genre, you’re welcome! Their releases feature sinister Industrial, Crossbreed, and everything beyond. This podcast by CODE:RED basically covers the whole range. The mix starts with great Industrial from artists such as The Outside Agency. Throughout the mix the tracks pick up speed and it ends in uptempo Crossbreed/Hardcore. It’s pretty relaxing to listen to the tape, since it sticks to the hard and dark side of core. I really enjoyed the tracklist. Great job! 01. Sacerdos Vigilia – Cortex Driller 02. The Outside […]