Ausnahmezustand@AJZ Erfurt (5.11.2016) Some Sets From Floor II

Do we really have to say something about this incredible night? It#s hard to express it in words, but it was simply mindblowing in every aspect. So much thanks and love to Druckluft Soundsystem for supporting us, bringing a soundsystem that made an heavier impact than anyone could have expected. Shit, that was amazing. Special thanks to Robert and the rest of the gang. Maybe there will be some mixes added in the future, so keep your eyes open 😉 Btw. there will be an upload from the first floor, too. But you’ll see soon enough 😉


Yo, I already started reviewing this set, but my PC broke down. Is it a sign? Or does it simply mean that my PC’s crap. I guess a little bit of both. Let’s put it this way, the mix is great and if you like hard dnb which develops into something disgustingly hard, then you are more than welcome. Great mix, big ups from my side! Tracklist: 01. Donny – War Horn 02. Katharsys – Dead Never Stay Dead 03. Current Value – Interstep 04. Cooh – Misbit (Counterstrike Remix) 05. BSA – Dogma (Harder & Louder Recordings) 06. Enduser […]