Breakcore Gives Me Wood Compilation 2016

I have to admit, there is not that much breakcore on the blog. Maybe I can provide a remedy with the latest Breakcore Gives Me Wood compilation. Grab a shitload of crappy music for free or donate some cash if you like to do so. On Bandcamp you can download the whole compilation in any format you prefer. All of you amen warriors get it while it’s hot!

Shmidoo – Keep Your Core Hard Promo Mix 2016

Does anybody remember when Basler played b2b with Shmidoo at Therapy Sessions in Budweis? Well, I still remember… the good old days. God damnit Basler, get your shit together and play some dnb again! Anyway it’s not about this guy, it’s about the Czech dnb/crossbreed DJ and producer Shmidoo. His mix includes mostly “party dnb/crossbreed”. Sorry I have no idea how to describe it in different terms. Best thing is to just see/listen for yourself.   Tracklist: BSA – Fortuna Bratkilla feat. C-Netik – Corona Virus Triamer & Nagato – Take Me On A Ride -> Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist Triamer & Nagato – Hands […]

WWYS Podcast 032 – eRRe

I always liked his works, however, I have to admit that I lost interest in tracks. But recently eRRe released some tracks which caught my attention again, as this tape did, too. It is probably the best WWYS podcast in a while. Sadly the tracklist’s missing. Does anyone know the renegade snares remix? Is it just a mash up or an actual release? If you know something about it, feel free to let me know 🙂

Theory Of Core – Podcast #56 Mixed By Syrinx

Do you like uptempo snare shit? Did I hear a yes? Anyway this mix by Syrinx is a good example of some uptempo snare slaughtering. I had a lot of fun while listening, I hope the same applies to you! This Russian guy knows his craft! Btw. his new LP Witchcraft will be soon out on Mindocracy Recordings. Tracklist: 01. Syrinx & Akira – Sippin Trippin MF Hoe [Out soon on Mindocracy Recordings MOCRCYCD002] 02. DJIPE – Alone With The Machines 03. Hardlogik & Syrinx – Remy LaCroix Boxing Day 04. Akira – Bodyslam Musick 05. Neks – TBA 06. […]

Blast – Critical Bass Recordings Presents: “SURVIVAL #1” PROMO MIX [Techno Dnb 3Decks]

Hell yeah, grab this new mix by Blast which he recorded for Critical Bass Recordings. Maybe you remember this dude from yellow stripe recordings. If want to listen to some dope 3 deck mixing skills you’re more than welcome. His mad dj skills make this tape exceptional. It’s more than just your average dnb mix, this is art. So download it and play it loud!