Ausnahmezustand 11.5.19 AJZ ERFURT

We even forgot to post our latest event here. But who gives a shit anyway? Is anybody actually reading this crap? I hope you don’t and if you do, I’d suggest to stop immediately. But enough of reverse psychology and nonsense shittalk. Come to our party, hang out with us and enjoy some shitty music!


Fexomat [NSF / Ringe Raja Records]
DJ Sickhead [N.S.F.] [DubWars] [DigiBeatMusic] [RingeRajaRecords]
Tolchok [M12 Crew]
Klvmp [Destroyal / AZS]
Sake [AZS]
Big Breeze [AZS]

If you need some further information, you might like to check out our event here or here.

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