The Silence – The Silence of the Perfect Dark

Well, the waiting is finally over! Even though the world is shattered to pieces, there are some things that help you deal with all the bullshit. And this album is definitely one of the silver linings on the horizon.

After a slight delay, the Silence present their first full-length album. Words like mind-blowing couldn’t even describe what the album achieved. This is hardcore at it’s peak. It has everything, features old and new, and manages to be innovative at all points. The sound design is just brilliant. Distortion never sounded any better. This clarity and production value is outstanding.

Apart from the obvious super dark theme, the album delivers so much variety that you barley can find out there anywhere else. Maybe you don’t resonate with every track, but it’s hard to miss out on the sheer elegance of its compositions.  The captivating soundscapes really take you far far away from home and offer rawness where it is needed the most. Every single track feels authentic, you can feel the passion that was put into “The Silence of the Perfect Dark”.

Especially, the sound experiments that drift away farther from the Hardcore need to be mentioned here. Just listen to “Destroy the Humans” and “Something Hardcore” and you will understand why it’s getting difficult to find words for what you’re witnessing right now. From start to finish, the album is a lot of fun for everyone with a strange taste in music.

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