Tripped – A Thing About Something

After his first album “Unboxed” on PRSPCT last year, Tripped came up with another full length release just recently. Even though the first release was very impressive, the second one lifts this bouncy in-your-face Hardcore style that Tripped is famous for on a new level. It’s great to see that his style develops continuously, but you can still recognize his signature sound.

The album features 10 tracks, including a pretty noisy intro with a savory kick drum filter extravaganza. As this sets the tone for the rest of the album, the tracks on it cover a bright palette and include overly distorted Techno, percussion-heavy Hardcore and weirdness in all the colors of the rainbow. Additionally, there is a remix of “Tank” by Slave to Society on it, too.

Also, worth mentioning here is that the album shines a light on mental health issues. It’s good to see that these things get addressed on the LP cover as well as in the Bandcamp description. Since mental well being concerns all of us, it’s good to see artists speak openly about this topic in public.

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