Sickcast Vol. 33 by Blast

Blast is again delivering a 3 deck set full of big tunes. The tracklist ranges from drum and bass to crossbreed and everything in between. His mixing is massive as usual, so if you want to listen to something that sounds dope but isn’t smashing your brain to pieces, you might be into this!

Btw. he’s promoting his Simulation EP on Future Sickness with the mix. Don’t hesitate to check it out 😉

Tracklist (3 decks set):
Blast – Annihilate
Ogonek – Dream on (Max Shade remix)
Cooh – Drome
Absurd & Ca2k – Configuration
Blast – Simulation
Current Value – Running (Cooh remix)
Gancher & Ruin – Mirrors
Ca2k – Nerve
Blast – Real world
Denix – Spusk
Raiden & Current Value – Scrapyard
Blast – Anomaly
Absurd – Mekanizm
Synthakt – Spiral View
Avis – Warhead
Blast & Absurd – Fifth Dimension
The Sect – Manifestation
Lucio de Rimanez – Breath of steel
Blast – ID
Limewax – No hope
Absurd – Cyber forms
Blast – Warpdrive VIP
Donny – Forgotten coma (Counterstrike Duo Mix)
Fragz & Mc Swift – Temper
Blast – Nanodrones
Raiden – Helium
Gancher – First cosmic
Blast & Fragz – Cosmic Radiation
Counterstrike & Current Value – Obsessive 4am
Absurd & Gorebug – Vvp
Gancher & Ruin vs Splashheads – Technodrome (Blast remix)
Receptor – Punks
Ruin – Security breach (Katharsys remix)
Audio – Loudener
Blast & Manowarp – Snatchers
Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson – Aural exciter (The Sect remix)
Switch Technique – Bad sequence
Circus (The Clamps remix)
Proket – Proportion (Lethal & Khanage remix)
Counterstrike – Self destruct
The Sect – Annihilation
Cooh – Break free (Ca2k remix)
3rdKnd – Panger
Katharsys – Precog
Limewax, Switch Technique, Dieselboy & Trasher – Spicy boiz
Blast – Bad dreams

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