Slave to Society – Distorted Thoughts EP

It’s becoming increasingly rare that you listen to a release and think: Wow, that’s something else, but it still feels familiar. And I think this is what Slave to Society achieved here. The release sounds really fresh even though it heavily feasts on the sound of hard Drum and Bass, Jungle and Core abominations. It’s an innovative release that features not necessarily only dancefloor material, instead it offers cozy soundscapes you want to wrap around your body like a warm cover. Yeah, or whatever makes you feel comfortable.

It feels unique, not just formulary as a lot of modern electronic music. It’s just an artistic expression, it even feels like a retrospective into the future, if this makes sense. It’s forward-thinking without forgetting its past. Heavy breaks, aggressive percussions, acidic noise sculptures and of course tons of raw energy – there’s basically everything you need to tickle your neurons!

Here’s a link to his latest release on his bandcamp account. Enjoy it and play it out loud!

Also check out his other releases on the bandcamp page. There is a lot to discover.

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