Did anything happen?

So, my lovely hardcore heads and terrible music lovers from all around the world, this blog has been officially (whatever that means) resurrected. Or to put it bluntly, we keep working on content again. Actually, the reason we initially started this blog has always been to give people an insight on cool interesting music from the darkest corners of our solar system. However, it was a lot of work and the blog was very time consuming to maintain.

Even though the blog required so many resources and we didn’t manage to properly run it, we want to give it another shot. We love the core and the people who love it 😊 So you know what, let’s try it again! But that’s not all, this time it’s gonna be even more ambitious. We don’t want to promise too much, but we hope to grow and also include new content that has not been offered yet. We have tons of new ideas and try to develop them in the upcoming future. Be surprised and expect nothing, in the end you might like what we’ll do.

Much love


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