Audioexploitcast #040 by Rudi Ratte

A simply bouncing set. The first track straight brought me in a super calm mode. Bouncy core at its finest. Even though the music gets way faster I still would say that the label ‘bouncy’ is accurate!


Damcase – B3 (Pi Electronics)
Ghost in the Machine – Hold my Drink (Perc Traxx)
Mis_Gato – ZXT 52 (Interwave)
The Outside Agency – Forest Children (Strange Arrival Remix) Genosha)
Drvg Cvltvre – Scare Your Children (Tripalium Records)
14anger & Dep Affect – Dirty Mirror (Green Fetish Records)
Analogue Bipolar Boy – MDMA (Rave till Die Records)
The Outside Agency – The Wandering Mind (Mindustries RMX) (Genosha) *. Tripped – No Sense (T/W/B)
Paul Birken – Raggedy Slader (MORD)
[KRTM] – Purple Fucking Head (T/W/B)
Dynamo City – One Night in Hackney (Chris Liberator & Sterling MossRMX) (Stayupforever)
Somniac One – Estranged (Love Hertz)
[KRTM] & Twan – Black Widow (Madback Records)
Acid Diaper -Sentimentele Likken Mash (Forthcoming Yellow Stripe)
Brosda – I Wish You Where Here (Obs.cur)
The Outside Agency & Deathmachine – Neurosurgery (Genosha)
IND – Cosmopolis (Obs.cur HS)
Stefan ZMK – DrumFetish (Pleur Bleu)
Hypnoise Theory & BangBass – T-Virus (Chimeras pact)
Gancher & Ruin feat Triamer – Larum (PRSPCTLTD)
Heisa – Zillion Mad Kicks (Hangar)
Detest & Miss Enemy – Acid Poke (PRSPCTXTRM)
Fragz feat MC Swift – Temper (PRSPCT)
Limewax – Ukrboy (L/B)
Dolphin – Fluxus (Forthcoming PRSPCTXTRM)
Traffik – Incriminating Evidence (The DJ Producer Retrofit) (Noisj)
I:gor – Public Enemy (PRSPCTXTRM)
Dolphin feat Bryan Fury – Woo! (Forthcoming PRSPCTXTRM)
Jefflocks – Murder dem (Isope)
Hellfish – Kill dem (UK MIX) (Deathchant)
The Outside Agency – The Immobilizer (Akira RMX)
The Dj Producer – Hell-E-Vator (Rebelscum)
Meow Meow vs Jefflocks – gRAVEDiGGER (Isope)
The Outside Agency – Ghetto Blaster (PRSPCT XTRM)
Deformer – Counter Carnage (Akira RmX) (PRSPCTRVLT)

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