Some Mixes

We need some content! Therefore I made small collection of mixtapes. In my opinion they can be seen as some of the best tapes of the last years. Of course this list isn’t complete and not to be taken seriously, though it is a start. Especially those of you who are searching for some new mixes will be glad to have this list. Our idea is to post single sets with some feedback, you’ll see later that theses feedbacks will be much more extensive. Further, we always welcome unknown DJs. Leave a message if you think your tape might fit here.

PRSPCT PDCST 015 by Switch Technique

I just like this guy. He shows us again that he is one of the best DJs around. As one of Poland’s most remarkable Crossbreed acts he is right on top of he scene. His latest album Scars was released recently on Union. He is one of the few acts I can totally rely on. Btw. check out the other PRSPCT PDCSTs. Most of them are pretty awesome!

Psytekk – Crossbreed Showcase 3

Don’t know where he’s from, but I think he is organizing some parties every now and then. The mix itself is for those of you who like their tapes mixed fast. Just shut up and listen!

Metalcast vol.15 feat C-NETIK & FRAGZ

C-Netik and Fragz are more than just well known nowadays. Their releases are on basically every relevant record label. Also the Metalcast series was a few years ago one of my favourite sources for mixtapes. In my opinion all the more recent tapes aren’t hard enough. Well, this one isn’t the hardest mix you can find, too. Yet it is a solid mix, with a nice and calm selection.

Epoxyde-D @ Crossbreed Killzone III

I’d say he’s a pretty talented guy. Don’t know much about him, but I always enjoyed his mixes. Just give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

SoaK – KRYTIKA Productions Podcast 004

Well, SoaK‘s a DJ I can always recommend and also the reason why I visit Berlin so frequently. Further, he is member of Crach Records and simply a nice guy. I always love to spend time with him and with his tapes. This one’s not necessarily a Crossbreed one, but a selection of delicate Drum and Bass even I can deal with πŸ™‚

SPL & Limewax Knowledge Studio Mix

I don’t want to waste any more words here. This is simply a perfect example of Darkstep/Skullstep. We all know that it is basically impossible to achieve such a level of perfection. Praise them!

Hostage All Lies Promo Studio Mix

Hostage is most probably one of the best Darkstep/Skullstep producers around, beside the already mentioned ones. His current album All Lies is not as hard as his earlier works, though it’s still top notch and on such a high production level that other producers can learn a lot from him. If you need a quality mix, you should download it.

Angel – Period Session 012 (February 2015) (The Final Edition)

Yeah, finally some girl power. Angel is pretty well known for her hard Techno tracks. I have to admit that I really love them. However, she also plays and produces other different kinds of music. That’s why you’d better listen to her other Period Session podcasts, too. Not all of them are as good as this one, but none of them is bad either!

Basler – Krieg in Kronach

You don’t remember this guy? Well, shame on you! Without him I most certainly wouldn’t be playing the harder styles above 175 BPM. And of course, there wouldn’t be AZS. So, thank him for establishing this series. On his account, you’ll find some of his mixes. Sadly there is no download available any longer. But I can talk to him and perhaps can host his mixes on our server, if there’s some interest from your side.

I hope my friend, one day, you’ll be back again!

Angel D – Burgcast 4

Who the hell is Angel D? A DJ from Upper Franconia who is the second part of AZS. Together with Basler, both teamed up to bring darkness to world. Actually, he didn’t play shows as a DJ for years, but did some mixes in the meantime. Barley anyone recognised them, but those who did, know why πŸ˜‰

GRR – Dark Matter Showcase #9 On Gabber Fm

This dude has such a unique style that it is hard to tell what he’s doing. He’s delivering great music for even greater people. Listen to his music, it’s different from most of the stuff on this page, but still way ahead. I hope some of you still remember the set he played at AZS 5. God dammit, this was nuts. I wish this would happen every day of the week…

Deathmachine – The Mid 90’s Industrial Hardcore and Beyond Mix

The first time I saw him was years ago in Budweis at Therapy. He was playing b2b with Switch Technique and I have to say that they finally convinced me that Crossbreed works. I always doubted this crappy music. But after their set, I was able to find a deeper connection towards it. Anyway, here he spins no Crossbreed but Hardcore tracks from the mid 90s. I’m not a huge fan of this period and don’t like much of this time’s hardcore, yet this set destroys everything.

Billy S. & Ak-Industry – Nekrolog1k Live @ Braindeath Streetparade 2K13 – ZΓΌrich

Billy S. and Ak-Industry, the lads from Nekrolog1k surely know how to decapitate a crowd. Their sets are insane. A wave of pure filth is flooding your brain. I mean, screw this crappy average Hardcore, listen to their tapes. All of them are gold!

CCPAR Podcast 137 | JOE ET | Hardcore Halloween 2015

This set by Joe ET covers a little bit of everything from Industrial to Hardcore. According to his bio, he is organising the Oblivion Underground events. They also released their first record this year on Oblivion Underground. Honestly, I don’t know much more to tell you about him.

Stazma The Junglechrist – Live @ The Merry Massacre, Bristol, 2014

You don’t have any experience with Breakcore? You really don’t know what it is? Then take a lesson from the French maestro himself. I’d say that you even can call this music sophisticated without earning too much lack of understanding. Btw. try to catch him on a live show. It’s pretty awesome!

Ozzy Ozwald- Old School Pack #1 BKZ023

Again, I don’t have that much information about him. I saw this on Bankizz. For those of you who are not familiar with Bankizz, it’s a free Net Label from Belgium with a shitload of releases. Check their Soundcloud Account for further information, they surely deserve it. Back to topic, here we have some tracks by Ozzy Ozwald and at the end of the list you’ll find two live set recordings. Tune in and fuck off!

Riot Girls – Droppings Bombs PDCST #001

If you think Hardcore is a male dominated scene, sadly you’re right. BUUUUT there is hope. Beside Angel and few other female acts, these girls know their craftsmanship way better than most of their male counterparts. We talk about no one less than Goetia and S’Aphira. Both are well known for their harder orientation. No Bullshit, just face breaking Terror!

Uktm – Noisekick Terrordrang 22-08-15 Promo Mix

Finally another Terror mix I like. It’s always hard to find good Terror, but this mix shows us how it’s supposed to sound. I don’t want to waste more words for describing this shit. I mean it’s great, trust me or go to hell. Or both… πŸ™‚

m1dlet – Crossbones 004

Eastern Europe has so many things to offer. But this? Seriously? Sure! The dude from Lithuania has a pretty unique way of making music. His taste is also very remarkable. Check his Nasenbluten rework and you’ll know what I mean. Besides, this mix contains everything an Uptempo Hardcore mix can offer.

Drokz – Live at the Possessed Place

The grandfather of Terror? I think you can call him something like that. He has so much experience and knows how to work with it. It’s also nice that dozens of his tracks are available for free on his Soundcloud account. Isn’t that nice?

Akira @ Twisted’s Darkside Podcast 124

Now we come to one of my favourite Artists of all time. I like his releases and his mixes. In my opinion he could juggle and cut a little less in his sets from time to time but by and large he knows what he does way better than most DJs in the Scene. The mix here’s a bit older but still hard as fuck. On Twisted’s Darkside you’ll also find everything from Hardcore to Crossbreed and beyond.

Fexomat – Metalcore Extended

Maybe this is the mix that affected my life more than anything else. I remember even reamplifying the mix for my hiking trip with Mr W. one the infamous Rennsteig. For us it still is infamous. Anyway, fuck yes, I still listen to this mix. Thanks!

Fex & Sum – Drunkcast 666

I know, I didn’t want to post here several mixes from just one act or DJ in this list. But this mix deserves all the attention it can get. Hard, Harder, Fex & Sum? Seems fair. There is no use denying the perfection in this Drunkcast. It is so to say the epitome of rawness… Sure I know this is always a question of perspective, still it’s harder than you can ever go!


I don’t know what it is, but it’s hard. And do we need anything else? I don’t think so. Prepare yourself for 57 minutes of ear-deafening Schranz/Hard-Techno whatsoever.

Warlock – The Hard Sound Of London 1992-1994

Here’s a tape I stumbled across quite recently. Since then I showed it to basically everyone who wanted to know what good Techno should sound like in my opinion. I hope we can all agree on this point that Techno needs to be disgusting, dark and hard to bear. If you were to subscribe such a statement, you might have pretty good time while listening.

Dj Rainbow Ejaculation – Cock Sucker Dj Mix

I mean yes, there could be some confusion, maybe also some erections. Or most probably you might feel offended. If any of this is the case, then the tape succeeded. Indeed it does. This is definitely a contemporary piece of art. Let’s be realistic, this mix is nothing less than the best you can get for nothing! Love or hate it, but listen to it πŸ™‚

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