DJ Smurf @ BKJN 15 Years. Zaandam, Holland – 22/09/2018

Well, another mix with super old music. But who can resist a mix from DJ Smurf?

Hardcore Fiend – Comply (DJ Smurf Remix)
Napalm – Lick My Ass [remastered] (Napalm)
Akira 101 – Don´t Smoke Coke (Shockwave)
East West Posse – Sinclair On Air (Control)
DJ Smurf – Shitter (Orig 97 version re-make)
Delta 9 – Hard Core Chicago (remix) (Drop Bass)
Disciples of Annihilation – NYC Speedcore (Industrial Strength)
DJ Freak – Never Been To Brooklyn (Storm Records)
DJ Freak – Romper Stomper (DJ Smurf remix) (Deng Deng)
Surbont – Stoned Turicain (Core-Tex Labs)
Doormouse – Who Stole The Keishka (Addict)
DJ Smurf – Smurfcore Cunt Mash (BKJN Music)
BadRemix100 – Tik Tok
The Destroyer – Total Hate (D-Boy Black)
Dj Smurf – Fuck Me Geordie (Smurfy Cockrot Remix) (GGM Digital)
DJ Smurf & Loftgroover – Hotrod (GGM Digital)
The Shaftmen – Shaftman Rmx (Maladroit remix) (Hong Kong Violence)

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