Sometimes it’s getting a little annoying to search for new tapes. And many it sucks listening to them. But not this time. If you like your Hardcore relentlessly brutal you’re most likely pretty pleased with this mix. It’s a early Terror mix by UKTM with a great tracklist. It’s been a while that I was stoked about a tape, so download it and play it as loud as possible. I’m dead certain that your neighbors love it, too. Don’t hesitate!



1. Las Vegas 909 – Welcome To Hell / Worst Nightmare
2. Nasenbluten – Blow T’ The Nose
3. Dolphin & Dj Tox – Aggravated Violent Assault
4. The Destroyer – Sex Machine
5. Goetia – Bad Intentions
6. Axe Gabba Murda Mob – Tree Trunk Destroyed
7. Hellseeker – H4cked
8. Bouncemaster vs. The Vizitor – Kick Type 1
9. Drokz – They Suck
10. Catkiller vs Noizefucker & Angernoizer feat MC Klit – The Last Day
11. Negative A – Koksuccer Fuck You (Angernoizer Remix)
12. Human Terror – The Gathering
13. T-Junkie & Qualkommando – Kruger Power
14. The Destroyer – Delete The Pain
15. Noisekick vs. The Untitled – Yur Mother’s Faeces
16. Angernoizer – Speaker Broke
17. Bonehead – From The Netherlands (STK remix)
18. Hellseeker – No Respect
19. Komprex – Enigma
20. Noisekick – I Wanna Cut


About the artist (I’m kinda lazy so I just copied the text from their Soundcloud account):

UK Terror Militia (UKTM)

Lewis Baxter, Chris Tyron & Toby Adams
3 Djs/Producers From The Uk Supporters Of Exclusively Hard & Rough Sounds, Specializing In All Forms Of TERROR, From Hardcore Terror, Just Outright TERROR, Breakcore-Terror, Right Through To Speedcore.
There Unique Sound Of Terror Is Influenced Heavily By UK Core.
With Brutal Kick Drums, Unique Drum Patterns, Piercing Breaks, Unique Electronic Sounds, Epic Atmospheres, & Choppy Vocals.
Bringing You The Harder Side Of The Music Industry.
Nothing Less That 200 Bpm Right Through To Around 400 Bpm.
Our Tracks And Sets Are Guaranteed To Create An Unlimited Amount Of Energy.

UKTM Perform Both Live & Dj Acts.

RECORD LABELS (We Currently Release On)
Noisekick Records
Footworxx Recordings
Motormouth Records
Apocalypse Recordings
Headfuck Records
Hell Is Hard Records
Atomic Annihilation Recordings
Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko (SKRD)

Solo Soundcloud Accounts:




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