Aus Industrial Militia – Strength of the Militia

While Hardcore tends to be more and more boring, the new album by Aus Industrial Militia proves everybody wrong who claims that Hardcore is shit nowadays. Sure, the statement may remain true in some regards, but this does not apply at all for this release on Industrial Strength.

The album manages to bring dancefloor friendly tracks that break out enough to deviate from the program but still remain danceable at all times. Moreover, it does a good job providing harshness when needed, but it never sounds forced or over the top. The artists behind Aus Industrial Militia Kader and DJ SatanisM received also some support from X-Tension and Autiszm on two tracks.

You can buy the whole album for just 7€. Honestly, if you are into Industrial Hardcore that sounds modern but also fits perfectly older styles, you should at least give it a try. It already left a pretty huge impact here! The whole album is highly recommended and features everything proper Hardcore needs.

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