LXC – We Have To Hold Apart

Finding words for this album is rather difficult. LXC rereleased and remastered “We Have to Hold Apart” along with a previously unreleased bonus tune and it simply sounds incredible. Absolutely weird and otherworldy music that does not follow any known formula. While it partially reminds you a bit of drum and bass it can not easily be put into any category. Just weird bits and bleeps having a good time.

Of course, as you’d expect from an LXC release, you receive high quality audio, accompanied with strange puns, but also very thoughtful tracks that do not match anything (well maybe the original 192 kbit/s release of this album from 2005 – but that’s it!). For anyone looking outside of the box, it’s an amazing trip through sound. If you crave for straight-forward hardcore, you might not find happiness here. Surely, not the hardest album that has ever been featured on this blog, but undoubtedly one of the absolute weirdest!

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