Ghost in the Machine – Super Techno DJ Mix

The best thing about this mix is that it is exactly as it is stated in its title. Yep, you’ll like it if you’re into dark and hard Techno.


Breakage – Acid Rain Intro
Olēka – Zero Hour
Jose Monsalve – Travellers
Jon Connor – Banged Senseless
Ansome – Vakuum
Thanos Hana – KLWG188
Dahryl – Dub Smak
Sjush – Machete
Atze Ton – Monoid II
Ghost in the Machine – Marked for Death
Dahryl – Breaking Ice (Ansome Remix)
10 CLS – Screen 9
H! Dude – Tas de Graisse
Circuit Breaker – Trac-X
Cancel – Blunt
Curious Kees – NL-D1U-22-01002
Seven Tension – Dark City
Scalameriya – Grappler
Jon Connor – The Chase
Glenn Wilson – Assassins (Robert Natus Remix)
Ghost in the Machine – Ensnared
The Advent & Flug – Midnight Storm (Raw Mix)
O.B.I. & Cancel – Stella Black
Zaphy – I Get It (Atze Ton Remix)
Ultrastation – Klymat (Dirt)
Kai Pattenberg – Triple (Roentgen Limiter Remix)
Kenji Hina – Laced Up
Unart8 – EXT XTC (Helrad Remix)
Somniac One – Junkyard Shift
Niki Istrefi – The Way of All Flesh
Dahryl – Recovery (Ghost in the Machine Remix)
Johannes Heil – The Chains of Babylon
EAS – Dark Hadou
Drucal – XX 11 A2
Cancel – Meganism
Brad Lee – Enter Whitespace
STRISC. – 007.1
Tymon – Tuonela
Alna – Trust (Jerome Hill Remix)
Atze Ton – Elephant
Shadym & Ayako Mori – Set It Off
Manni Dee – The Remedy (feat. Di-Vincent)
Former – Tunnel Wizard
Trust True – Grandfather
Perc – Skinner
New Frames – MNTZM
Tensal – Recall Damage
Ghost in the Machine – Emergency Loop
O.B.I. – Get Down
Fixeer – División del Norte
Cancel – Peer Test
Mickey Nox – Often Vicious
Wee Man – 魏 (Northern State)
Ghost in the Machine – Negative Space (feat. Baseck)
Ghost in the Machine – Come On
Slwdwn & Yoshuu – Controlled (Outro)

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