Deformer – See, Hear, Scream!

For our 200th post we have something very special for you. Lot’s of people are crazy ingenious when it comes to mutilating breakbeats, distorting kickdrums and most importantly disturbing the peace. But even if there are many great producers out there, nobody does it like Deformer. This guy offers a whole universe of aesthetic, atheist aggression which remains unmatched.

His album “See, Hear, Scream” is more than an “album”, it’s a best of and beyond. A showcase of Deformer’s musical endeavors which already have started in 1993. It’s unbelievable how much these productions stick out even when it comes to hard underground music. They sound so fresh and different each and every time, yet they sound like home! Even getting hit a sledgehammer feels soft in contrast to Deformer’s productions.

Deformer, also known as Mike Redman, is not only blessed – or maybe cursed – with great talent, he also worked with so many artists who had their impact over a wide range of music history. There are collaborations with artists such as Bong-Ra, FFF, even Ice-T and Public Enemy.

As diverse as his collaborations are, is Deformers taste. It’s sometimes difficult to even describe what you are listening to. Not only are you confronted with the total neglect of any constraint and respect to musical boundaries, you also have to process music productions that are unique and traverse genres without even acknowledging them. But just to tentatively give his adventures some names, you can expect everything from Dubstep to Jungle, Breakcore, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Metal and everything else that is hard and rough – polished and unpolished at the same time. The album is a powerful testimonial of how far electronic dance music can evolve if you just let people do what they do best.

It’s impossible to not write an overly enthusiastic review of this album. How would this even be possible? You simply cannot be untouched by it. There must be something on this album that strangely resonates with you. Enjoy this trip and enter a world drum programming you’ve never heard before!

There’ nothing else to add here… Well, there’s maybe one little addition to make… And luckily, I can easily quote here:

“I’m done with being discriminated for my musical taste. So, fuck the masses and fuck the music industry and fuck you if you can’t handle some loud fucking music!”

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