Circular D – F#ckingcast 012

A pretty nice selection from Circular D. If you are into Crossbreed, give this mix a listen. I enjoyed it a lot 🙂


01.BSA – Back To The Future [YELLOW STRIPE]
02.Limewax – OPXVIP [LB]
03.Circular D – P1lh4r [MF]
04.Looh – Criplets [LB]
05.Suicide – Get To The Rock [HARDER & LOUDER]
06.Terrortek & Zëro – Revoltionary Warfare [TRIAMER]
07.Stonebank vs Goldberg Variations – Stronger Dorksided (Circular D Mash-up) [NTBR]
08.The Panacea – Uberbomb [LB]
09.Miss Keit & B1per – Ghost [DEATHSOUNDBAT DUB]
10.C-Netik – The Hungriest [PRSPCT]
11.Deathmachine – Sick Bass [THE THIRD MOVEMENT]
12.Earbutter & Spragga Benz – War (Zardonic Remix) [MULTIKILL]
13.Inerpois & Lous Device – Vatokat (Circular D Remix) [MINDOCRACY DUB]
14.Circular D – Skywatcher [MF DUB]
15.Circulato – Hardstyle MF [MF DUB]
16.Circular D – DiMAN!X – Rapid [TRIAMER]
17.Cooh – Equivalent [PRSPCT]
18.Cooh & Coppa – Monster [COMANCHE]
19.Cooh & Dean Rodell – Medicine [POSITION CHROME]
20.Circular D – Camheads [BLUSTER]
21.Circular D – Nimda [MF DUB]
22.Death & Maza – Destroy Everything (Tekkno Kid Remix) [DUB]

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