Motormouth Podcast 029 – SADISTIC

And here’s another Motormouth Podcast. This time it’s a full on Sadistic showcase. He recorded a mix with 11 of his own tracks. It starts with some trippy tracks and develops a little later into something which sounds more mutilated in my ears. Judge it yourself, you know how the play-button works. Btw. according to the text it contains “many live elements of modular synths mixed into the set”.



01. Sadistic – Euphoric High Energy (Forthcoming CSR)
02. Sadistic – TBC (TBC)
03. Sadistic – Dreamscape (Forthcoming CSR)
04. Sadistic – Ionosphere (CSR)
05. Sadistic – Saturation Point (CSR)
06. Sadistic – Full Throttle (TBC)
07. Sadistic – TBC (TBC)
08. Sadistic – The Observatory (CSR)
09. Sadistic – Cosmic Glow (Forthcoming CSR)
10. Sadistic – Empty Space (CSR)
11. Sadistic – Primer Time Travel (Forthcoming CSR)


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