Zombeat Infection Podcast 001 – eDub

Does anyone know this Spanish dude eDub? No? Well, by now you should better be aware of him. He’s gaining a lot of attention lately and is already releasing on labels such as Footworx, Future Sickness, Harder & Louder and Triamer Records. Better keep an eye on him. If you like to get familiar with his more recent works, then give his mix listen. A lot of his own productions are in it!


Im Colapsed – The moment
eDUB – Un palo
Gorebug – Mutant
Sei2ure – Massive On The Bass
eDUB – Industrial
eDUB – Drop It Hard
eDUB – Muerte
eDUB – Call To Jesus
Sandy Warez – Puta Madre (eDUB Remix)
eDUB – Industrial Machinery
eDUB – Fucking Machines
eDUB – Lo Tengo Todo Papi

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