Sickcast Vol. X By Cooh (Special 10 Years Future Sickness CD Megamix)

Here’s another mix by Cooh again. This one is luckily even harder than the last one I posted. It’s a chronological mix of the latest Future Sickness Release. They released a 10 years best of compilation with a shitload of great tracks. From darkstep and blasting drum and bass up to crossbreed. There, you’ll find some of the greatest dancefloor killers of the last 10 years. I can highly recommend the release to everybody who hasn’t already purchased the tracks. Back to the topic, the mix is surely fabulous. Firstly it’s mixed by Cooh and therefore the mixing is top notch and secondly it contains all the tracks from the release. So download it as long as it’s fresh!


1.Current Value – Running
2.Counterstrike & Mumblz – Sickness & Suffering (Donny Remix)
3.Cooh – Black Monday VIP
4.C.A.2K & Cooh – Wasp
5.Current Value & Raiden – Scrapyard
6.Current Value & Donny – Nightmare Man (SPL Remix)
7.Freqax & Ogonek-OMG
8.Katharsys – Train Wreck
9.Lucio De Rimanez – Rising Of Rhinos
10.Absurd and C.A.2K – Room number one (Hardcore Fire)
11.Damage Inc – Blackball
12.Detest-Every Second VIP
13.DJ Hidden – Einstein
14.Fragz & Deathmachine – Necessary Evil
15.Hallucinator – Violent Content
16.Noize Punishment – Riotbringer (Forbidden Society Remix)
17.Switch Technique – Origin of Life
18.Shmidoo – Autopsy
19.Max Shade & Ogonek – Metafluid
20.C.A.2K – Matrix (Katharsys Remix)
21.Lowroller – Bottomless Grave
22.Triamer & Nagato – Into The Dark
23.SA†AN – Bad Motherfucker

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