Section 8 Recordings Podcast 17: Miss Keit

Not the latest Section 8 Podcast, yet one the best. I love the selection. Finally someone who’s able to play a through and through hard selection. Big up to Miss Keit. I hope to see more tapes like this one. Btw. fuck the Doctor P remix, this isn’t funny. And before I forget it, Krytika recorded number 18 for the podcast series. As you know, this guy knows what he’s doing!

N-Vitral & I:Gor – Crack Ya Neck
Hallucinator & Sinister Souls – Exorcize
Katharsys – Train Wreck
Damaged_Minds – FCKN DNCE
Death – Controller 223 (DUB)
Death – Asylum (DUB)
Current Value ; Donny Doctor P – Drill / Watch Out (Leo Trashman Mashup)
Hallucinator – Fuck The System
Miss Keit – Lamet
Pestroy – Popped collar (Counterstrike Zardonic remix)
Fragz – Rage within
Bad Matter & Scary – Fujiko
Mystification – Something’s Coming 2012 Rework
I:Gor – Icebreaker (Counterstrike Remix)
Counterstrike – Sickness Suffering (Donny Remix)
Miss Keit – Your Eyes
Hallucinator – Near Death Experience
Igneon System – The Wish For Brutality
The Clamps – We Are Karnage
Limewax – Bangrything (Triamer & Nagato duo bootleg)
Triamer – Hospital VIP
Hallucinator – Revolver
Zardonic – For Justice (Counterstrike Remix)
Rammstein – Sonne (YMB Bootleg)

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