Zeuge – Maturation

That’s a nice surprise! Zeuge self-released a short album or EP or whatever it is. In “Maturation” he shows us that Breakcore can be more than just super-fast cut-up breakbeats and distorted kickdrums. Instead, his latest work follows a different vibe. But of course – you might have already guessed it – it is still very rough and relentless.

While his older works oftentimes carried a strict in-your-face-vibe, this album now feels calmer, yet it sounds more alien than ever. It features an absolutely otherworldly sound that offers a little bit of everything that sounds odds. From beautiful bleeps and glitches to super bouncy beats – on “Maturation” you can find all of that. Seriously, the sound design is so on point and just sounds amazing. It’s just a great short album that takes you onto an adventure into surreal soundscapes without any limitations.

The best thing about it is that you can get it for free. But of course, Zeuge would surely appreciate it, if you have a few spare bucks to spend.

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