Zenith – Flowers of Intelligence

This album by Zenith is not only one of the most remarkable in the Industrial Strength catalogue. It is without any doubt an absolut outstanding and rare piece of art. The album was originally released in 1999, however some featured tracks already appeared on an EP on ISR in 1996. And now we finally see a rerelease on the Industrial Strength bandcamp page (Actually, the album was previously also available from other stores, but we simply prefer bandcamp).

All the tracks show how futuristic hardcore can be. Maybe it’s not the hardest release you’ve ever heard, but Zenith shows how far acid sounds can be pushed. Such well crafted and unique soundscapes are hard to find and don’t match much. Those beats and structures are one of a kind and play in their own league. Since it’s release in 1999 the album has always been considered a masterpiece and definitely still shines.

But beware, if you look for fast paced hardcore because of Industrial Strength, you could be disappointed. After listening to this record, you’ll soon notice that this music needs a lot of attention. It’s out of the box and therefore far away from hardcore, but still hardcore at its core. Hell, once you start digging the sound, you will feel the vibe and you’re mind gets blown away. I promise!

So whatever type of music you’re in, give this album a chance and experience a journey through space and time with Zenith. Long live his legacy!

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