Yo, I already started reviewing this set, but my PC broke down. Is it a sign? Or does it simply mean that my PC’s crap. I guess a little bit of both. Let’s put it this way, the mix is great and if you like hard dnb which develops into something disgustingly hard, then you are more than welcome. Great mix, big ups from my side!

01. Donny – War Horn
02. Katharsys – Dead Never Stay Dead
03. Current Value – Interstep
04. Cooh – Misbit (Counterstrike Remix)
05. BSA – Dogma (Harder & Louder Recordings)
06. Enduser – Two Third
07. Meetya – Burn Baby (Harder & Louder Recordings)
08. Current Value – Maintainer
09. Brainpain – Berserk
10. SA†AN – Undead Flesh (Harder & Louder Recordings)
11. Switch Technique & Synthakt – Deceased
12. The Outside Agency – Screaming Phoenix
13. Mindustries – Spark Outrage
14. Djipe – Blackout
15. Deathmachine – Get Down Low
16. Xerxes – Bunker (Harder & Louder Dub)
17. Sei2ure – Get Down
18. N-Vitral – Such Kick (Deathmachine Remix)
19. Triamer & Nagato – Into The Dark
20. Big-Head – Master of Frost (Harder & Louder Recordings)
21. Masamune – Time to Play (feat. Tatlum) (Harder & Louder Recordings)
22. Switch Technique – Methylated Dreams
23. SA†AN – Bad Blood

Here’s some info about the artist, copied directly from soundcloud:
Xerxes (aka Bart Maes) is a wayward artist, based in the centre of Leuven (Belgium). Since he started in 2009, he played at several different Hardcore and Drum ‘n’ Bass Parties around Belgium. In 2013 he became a resident-dj for one of the leading organisations in the Belgian Hardcore scene, Hardcore Maniacs. Thanks to this great organisation, he gained a small but passionate fanbase in the Belgian underground Hardcore and Drum ‘n’ Bass scene. 2012 was the year he started his own podcast called the “X3Cast”, which holds the best and latest Drum’n’Bass/Crossbreed and Industrial Hardcore records. In 2016 he released his first tracks for free on Meatball Records and signed to Harder & Louder Recordings with tunes “Bunker” and “The Plan”.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OfficialXerxes/
Soundcloud: @xerxesdj
Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/XerxesBE/

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