Void Settler – Bell, Book & Candle

The latest album by Void settler “Bell, Book & Candle” came out recently on the Third Movement and is definitely one of a kind.

The album feasts on so many musical traditions, but breaks and rearranges them all the time. Obviously, you find traces of hardcore and tons of distortion everywhere. But apart from that, the record also features gothic soundscapes, orchestral elements and choirs from hell. The musical structures of the tracks do not follow any conventional formula. And this is what makes the album really stand out. It’s demanding, it’s really questioning your listening habits. But it always sounds familiar somehow, well sometimes more and sometimes less.

If you are into odd music that not even your weird friends like, you might have a good time with this release. It’s a great production that invites you into a world of unheard soundscapes and musical arrangements. Void Settler really is an exceptional artist and shows his versatility with this release again.  

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