Triple Sickz – The Sickz Sense

It’s not surprising that Therapy Sessions Recordings delivers quality darkness with the latest Triple Sickz album. The eerie vibes on the release are to be found in every single track. In addition to mutilated breaks, ravy staby and dark pads you have some refreshing vocals. All together this helps to create an amazing atmosphere!

1. Intro 00:59
2. The Devil’s Bitch 06:39
3. Microdose 05:56
4. Burn All Vermin 06:07
5. Breed Crosser 05:32
6. Bitcrusher 06:12
7. Lab Waste 06:17
8. King of Hell (with Fortitude) 05:30
9. Chainsaw (Massacre Mix) 06:17
10.Megalomania (with QST) 05:36
11.Microdose (Fortitude Remix) 05:20

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