The Skullstep Variety Hour (Live @ Jungle Syndicate 2023)

At Jungle Syndicate’s latest edition, Gade System played an incredible Darkstep set. I mean there’s everything in it, basically all the classics from all your favourite artists. The mix is great and perfectly conceptualized. It is a perfect showcase of how futuristic and way ahead of its time this music still is.

Luckily, there’s even a full tracklist available (sadly there’s no download)

Gade System & Vesna – ID
Robyn Chaos, Audio & Dylan – Rapture
Current Value – Higher
Machine Code – In The Shell (VIP)
Gancher – Fear Or Illusion
Donny – Medieval Beating (Audio Remix)
1904 – Deliver Us
Technical Itch – Hunter Seeker
Surya – Evil
SPL – Global Chaos
Dylan & Kitech – Bad Dreams in the Night
Technical Itch – The Ruckus
Limewax – Untitled 666
Limewax – Nature Of Evil
Limewax – The Karmavator
Limewax – Share No Soul
Goldberg Variations – Zomby Of Kasino
Limewax – Icicle
Goldberg Variations – Pressure Of Drop
Limewax & Current Value – Tempest
Limewax – Coldchram
Limewax – Mindkiller
Limewax & Current Value – Desert Storm
Donny & Current Value – Drill
Donny – Symptomless Coma (Current Value Remix)
Current Value – Grey Steel (Rework)
Cativo – Evil Has No Boundaries (DJ Hidden Remix)
Hostage – Chemical Ali
Current Value – Fear
Current Value – Faith
Switch Technique & C-Netik – Metadata
Switch Technique & Deathmachine – The Task
Gade System – Gunfingers
Dylan & Limewax – Cleansed By A Nightmare
Gade System & Vesna – Painful Reminder

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