Syrinx October 2016 Promo Mix

A nice little promomix by Syrinx. I hope that you are all already familiar with this guy. Btw. I know that I didn’t put up a review for his latest album, but I’ll do so soon, I promise. Anyway, this russian guy really knows how to rock!

1.Syrinx – 52kHz Vampire King
2.Nekrokick – Mercs
3.SATAN – Bleed
4.Syrinx – Pulverize
5.Nekrokick – Fucking Pay Me
6.C-Netik & Syrinx – Pale Blue
7.Syrinx – Deadly Hustle
8.Syrinx & BSA – Enigma
9.Syrinx – Rockstar
10.Syrinx – Underneath
11.Syrinx – The Worship Of Baphomet
12.Syrinx – Returned
13.Syrinx – Mastrubating Friendly Hobo
14.Syrinx – To The Brushland And Back
15.Brown Noise – Take On Me Rmx
16.Akira – Custom Grind

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