Syrinx – Deadly Pasta Ubercore LP

It’s been a while since the last LP we posted here. This album is from the russian drum and bass/crossbreed producer Syrinx. If you have been listening to this kind of music, you should be familiar with him and his style. The album came out in June on the american Label Mindocracy Recordings from Austin, Texas.

The LP is a quite accurate depiction of the styles he produces. From annoying (sorry to say that) and screechy crossbreed to punishing drum and bass and even some core, there’s a little bit of everything on this LP. The versatality itself makes the album really worth checking out. A tenner is also a nice deal for the package (12 tracks). Sure, there are tracks on it, which I can’t stand to listen to, but on the other hand there are stunning breaks and heavy basslines, which I’m missing a lot in contemporary drum and bass lately.

Apart from that, you can also find some collabs on it with Kryzys, eDub, Look in Jah, and Akira! But for me it’s not the collab tracks on the album. Especially the super weird arrangements of Syrinx hismelf are mesmerizing, even though not every track convinced me. Two tracks stick out to me personally.

The first one is creatures are watching. At first glance it appears as a rather boring crossbreed track, but it isn’t. Very nice progression within the track, especially in the second half of the track!

The second track is 52khz Vampire King. Amazing drumwork on this one. Deep but at the same time it’s pushing constantly forward!

All in all, I can recommend buying the album. Skip your way through the tracklist and I’m pretty confident that you will find at least one track that catches your attention.

Syrinx – Deadly Pasta Ubercore LP


1.De Pasta Un Carbonara 04:34
2.Lazarus 04:26
3.Creatures Are Watching 05:23
4.Deadly Hustle 04:57
5.Hard Dance 04:34
6.Broken Beats And Marshmallows FT Kryzys 05:18
7.Bass In Your Face FT eDUB 04:48
8.52khz Vampire King 04:34
9.October Paradise 05:53
10.The Prophecy FT Look In Jah 04:20
11.Ubercore 05:00
12.Sippin Trippin MF Hoe FT Akira (Akira chop VIP) 03:44

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