Switch Technique ‘Scars’ Review

Now, this seems to be the first regular entry for the album section. Let’s see how it works out. I thought it might be nice to give you at first some general information about the artist and the album itself. Further I’d like to pick out certain tracks of which I think are especially worth mentioning. Of course, It’s always questionable what tracks will be chosen. Everyone’s taste is different, and that’s a good thing. So maybe others would chose complete different tracks. Best thing is in every case to simply listen to the whole album, then you’ll see which tracks appeal the most to you. Before losing myself in details, I go on with review itself.

I can say this without any restraint, it’s more than just a pleasure to have the chance to listen to such a brilliant work made by such an outstanding artist. With ‘Scars’, Switch Technique releases his third album on Union. It follows his impressive earlier works, Altered, and Belladonna. Both would be worth writing a review about. Maybe it’s best to check them out, too. On the Union Bandcamp page, one can find all works with full previews. In contrast to his last album which came along without any collaboration at all, you found some on Altered. Here, he teamed up with a whole bunch of top class producers which make Scars more than just a regular album. The album is split in two, onto a Solo and Remix, and a Collab side. The credits definitely also go out to the other great artists who perpetuated their names on this fine piece of art.

This makes it hard to tell which side is better. Actually it’s not very helpful at all to search for the better side, since both unlock their potential. Just take a look at the tracklist, you have this big name on the one side and one the other side you find all these prestigious artists. The diversity of acts contributes a lot to the whole concept. This immense input gives you so many different twists of Crossbreed. Having such veterans as DJ Hidden and Eye-D, Dolphin, Deathmachine or Cooh on it, as well as Synthakt or Bratkilla who are more or less fresh blood, helps to contribute to a unique masterpiece.

But what makes this so special? To me it’s the atmosphere. A lot of contemporary Crossbreed lacks uniqueness and ingenuity. Putting a snare in it is sadly enough in too many cases. But not here. Sure, you have your classic (sounds kinda strange, huh?) Crossbreed elements in it. But apart from that you can also find an actual feast of mutilated tracks tastefullc arranged to please your high standards. To me it is darkness what matters most. If producers can succeed in creating such an atmosphere, they can basically do everything. Now take this album, it gives you the shivers. The tracks offer you exactly this kind of dystopic feeling you need. In some respect it is like a sneak peak into the future of this planet, where machines have taken over control and enslave the remaining population which didn’t die in an ongoing apocalyptic war. Well, sounds a bit drastic, yet I’d say this is the message I’ve received from this album. I’d love to know what ‘Scars’ refers to. Maybe it’s about the wounds which are caused on your eardrums while listening. Not convinced yet? Maybe you want to give these tracks the chance to do so.


This is the track which appeals to me most. I couldn’t say, it’s the best one, since most of the tracks would deserve this label. But it’s the first one which comes to my mind, when I think of this album. The track itself has this aggressive overtone on it. It’s the track I’d love to hear the most on the floor. It has some smoother parts to it, which also give you a little time to calm down.



The Last Judge

This monster comes with a beautiful atmospheric intro. After a short break with some vocals the track erupts into a demanding tough track. The thick, slowish appearing sound makes the track hard to digest. The several breaks contribute to the overlaying confusing sound design.


Cellular Zombies with DJ Hidden

What’s most striking about the track is this bouncy rhythm. It sounds to me like something or someone’s broken and isn’t able to work properly any longer. On the other hand the catchy melody is so perfect. It has these heroic, archaic elements in it. Listen to the last few seconds of the track, you could also sit at the Round Table.



I could go on for quite some time with the tracks, but it wouldn’t get us any further. To sum it up, the album has to be in your collection, if you like dark, atmospheric Crossbreed. The price is more than fair. So, go and support the artists. Make yourself an early Christmas present!

1. Switch Technique – Restored
2. Switch Technique – Ghost Assassin
3. Switch Technique – Climax
4. Switch Technique – Experience
5. Switch Technique – The Sun
6. Switch Technique – Carnivore
7. Switch Technique – Wandering Souls
8. Switch Technique – The Last Judge
9. Synthakt – The Plague (Switch Technique Remix)
10. Dolphin – Dynamo (Switch Technique Remix)
11. Switch Technique & Eye-D – Technovore
12. Switch Technique & C-netik – Metadata
13. Switch Technique & Brainpain – Fentanyl
14. Switch Technique & Cooh – Zavod
15. Switch Technique & Dj Hidden – Cellular Zombies
16. Switch Technique & Deathmachine – Imaginary Time
17. Switch Technique & Ambassador21 – Constant Contumacy
18. Switch Technique & Hostage – Glasgow Smile
19. Switch Technique & Synthakt – Deceased
20. Switch Technique & Bratkilla – Twofold


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