Some Albums

Here, I gathered a small selection of – in my opinion – important albums. Most of them are more or less recent. If you have any albums that are missing then let us know. Of course we know that there are so many albums missing, but this simply should give you some input for now. In the meantime I’ll see what I can find in my shelves…

Limewax – Always & Never

The collection of previously unreleased material makes this release the holy grail for every Limewax fan around. We sure know that the grandmaster of Skullstep knows his shit better than anybody else and he proves it with the exceptional collection which was released on Postion Chrome. It also comes pretty cheap, 13€ for 31 tracks in high quality. Can you get a better deal?

Sinister Souls – Beat The Drum Hard

This album is definitely one of the best albums ever released within this genre – pardon me, these genres. It has a little bit of everything. Hard Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and Crossbreed. Just think of how many times you’ve heard Tuh Tuh Duh at parties, or Perfect Organism, or even Black Magic.

Ophidian ‎– Between The Candle And The Star

Ok, this is no album. It’s just a compilation, which does not make it any less audible. We talk here about Ophidian. Most probably the person, with the best production skills in the hardcore scene. I know this point is arguable, still he is as good as one can get. Especially his orchestral elements always get me. His approaches towards hardcore make this “album” a must have, even though there are also tracks on the compilation I don’t like.

Meander – Gazing Long Into The Abyss

Meander is another alias of Ophidian. With it, he shows his more Drum and Bass oriented side. It is not that hard, but it is again exceptional. With his release on Ruffneck’s label Tainted Audio he put his imprint on this style of music. It is again more complex and better produced than your average DnB or Crossbreed. Remember this guy’s name for god’s sake!

Negative A ‎– Grand Theft Audio

I luckily had the chance to catch him playing in Rotterdam short time after this release. I think he started his set with Roots, Boots and Prostitutes. This album is the essence of good, rock-solid Hardcore. It covers a wide range of BPM and incorporates a lot of different musical elements which make it a decent album.

Bong Ra and Deformer present: VOODOOM

I struggled for a while. I wasn’t sure whether to put this album on here. It’s a Darkside Jungle album – that’s why it has only little to do with the other music here on this page. Though, it is incredible. If you feel any connection to broken beats, you should listen to this album. It’s not especially hard or heavy, but it is dark. Oh yes, it’s fucking dark. If you want to convince someone of the complexity and the unique atmosphere of electronic music, then please use this album as an example for absolute perfection!

Dither – The Architect

This is what I’d call a great album. In contrast to a lot of albums, this one shows us a real build up, even a climax. The composition of the tracks fits perfectly. We see here the genius called Dither. With his production, he goes different ways. Sometimes this can be confusing, but the album itself is outstanding. Look at the tracklist, you’ll have a hard time finding anything comparable on one album. Also the collabs on this album make it worth buying!

The Outside Agency – The Dogs are Listening

I mean we talk about The Outside Agency, can you expect anything from them which isn’t perfect? I think I say that too often, but both guys can surely be labelled as masterminds. Their productions are always a huge success. Why? Because they know how to fucking do it! DJ Hidden and Eye-D, names you shouldn’t ever forget.

Drumcorps – Grist

Drumcorps is an alter ego by Aaron Spectre. He presents definitely one of the best crossovers from Breakcore to Metal, or whatsoever. There are uncountable further music elements in it which make this album a worthy purchase. If you ever listened to his works, you will know that he stands for quality and this album follows this directive. I even prefer it over his current album. This one’s merciless, aggressive, even inspiring. Get this album. Buy it, love it. I really do!

Igorrr – Hallelujah

I surely don’t want to go out on a limb, however I have to say that this album might be one of the best albums in the history of music. No, I really don’t want to go any further into detail. I only can advise you to listen to it over and over again, you won’t regret it. If you feel a deeper connection towards harder and extremely well produced music, you have to have this in your collection.



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