Somatic Responses – Doomsday Conduit

Doomsday Conduit on Acroplane Records is the latest installment by the brothers Paul & John Healy better known as Somatic Responses. As usual they show great taste in heavily distorted soundscapes mixed with some of the strangest acid lines you’ve heard so far. And of course, not to forget their breakbeat-wizardry that really drives the tracks through several dimensions.

The album is an insane trip with 10 equally enjoyable chapters which all sound very inviting – and always different. Some of these chapters are darker and rougher than others, but in general the overall theme appears to be very glitchy and futuristic. The tracks all carry their unique flow and never sound boring. The development of the tracks is outstanding. And one of the most beautiful things about them is that the tracks are constantly asking for your attention.

Despite the album being quite broken and hard to digest at times, it feeds on a very special flow – as all Somatic Responses releases. Some would claim it’s pretty bouncy, others wouldn’t. But nevertheless, the sound design is magnificent and definitely deserves a heavy rotation on your device of choice, especially for every person that enjoys the stranger realms of music! Btw. there’s also a limited run of the album on tape.

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