N-Vitral – Louder than a Bomb

Wow, why does everything always take so long? I can’t tell you. But on the bright side, I can tell you that you can buy one of the nicest albums in a while. There hasn’t been a review in ages, anyhow, I’ll try to do one for you again.

This time, we enter the realms of real Hardcore. Do you really think we’re kidding? Nah… Believe this album will blow your mind, if you like straight Hardcore. N-Vitral is the monster behind the superb album “Louder than a Bomb”. It contains 22 Tracks which focus mainly on Hardcore and nothing else. N-Vitral himself is responsible for a lot of tracks on the album, yet you can find loads of great remixes and collaborations from artists such as Sei2ure, Dither, I:Gor and many more!

Some of the Tracks have already been released like, Sam’s Gospel with The Outside Agency, others are completely new. All in all you can expect a pretty great composition of “oldies” and new bangers. The whole album takes you on a journey from raw industrial Hardcore to more mainstreamish Hardcore. Anyhow, you won’t regret it (only if you are not into Hardcore in general 😉 )Taking the price of the album in context, you’ll surly make a good deal. Chances are high that you may have already bought some of the tracks from the album, but for 11€ you can’t go wrong with this. So fasten your seatbelt and listen to N-Vitral’s “Louder than a Bomb”.

Favorite track: Hard to tell, but the collaboration with Dither fucks up everything. I especially enjoyed the break. N-Vitral & Dither – Mainframe Malfunction



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