Mantello – EARLY HARDCORE (2015 End of Year Special)

Mantello – EARLY HARDCORE (2015 End of Year Special)

Alright, I have to admit it’s even harder than I thought to publish articles on a regular basis. However, I managed to find the time for this nice mix by Mantello. Some may know him from The Versus Dedication.

“With no set agenda to announce forthcoming episodes, TVD is designed by a simple concept that primarily engages the listeners by means of exposing & educating them on the different sub-styles of hardcore & harder edged techno.

With this concept, it helps take away the hours spent searching for specific styles or artists and even particular tracks – and can help to introduce new artists and styles to the listener.”

On his soundcloud account, you can find and download all of his mixes. Actually, I didn’t want you to introduce you to this series – even though it fits here, too. On his account I also stumbled across this nice oldschool hardcore mix. I really enjoyed the mix a lot. A pretty diverse mix, with a great tracklist. The mixing itself is also top notch, as you can expect from him. The guy from Sydney surely knows, how to mix properly and fast.


01. The Twins Artcore – Pandemonium (2014 Pandemonium Anthem)
02. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – Punishment
03. The Accusers – Ecstatic Solidarity (Kesj & Donuts XTC Remix)
04. Drokz & Tails – The Gabbers Are Back
05. 2 Old Gabbers on Dope – Big Brother is Not Happy
06. Shadowlands Terrorists – The First Party Kick
07. DJ Jappe – Get Mad
08. Das Xon & Space Boy – Too Loud to Handle
09. Rob Gee & Repete Feat. MC Romeo – Riot in N.Y.C (Mental Lownoise Remix 2)
10. Mental Hardcore Associates – Let’s Get Wappie
11. Roger – The Ultimate Fight (DJ Buby & The Stunned Guys R-Evolution)
12. Monty – Techno Trip
13. Bass-X – Hardcore Assassins
14. The Twins Artcore – Virtual Imprisonment (2012 Pandemonium Anthem)
15. Hardsequencer – Brain Crash
16. Dark Syndicate – The Unknown
17. Scott Brown – 20mm
18. SWAT – The Fly is Dead (Public Domain Remix)
19. DJ Chosen Few – Name of the DJ (Cyanide Mix)
20. 3 Steps Ahead – Drop It (Ender Mix)
21. Lancinhouse Vs Jappo – Bring it Fine
22. Lord of Hardcore – Rip It Up (Annihilator Remix)
23. Annihilator – Out of Focus
24. U4EA – Crisia (The Stunned Guys Remix)
25. Kesj & Donut – The American Anthem
26. Federation Against Mellow – War on Drugs
27. Messiah Corps – Unknown Track 02
28. Drokz & Tails – Easy Man (Cray Piano Mix)
29. DJ Chosen Few & Miss Mokum – Demons & Angels
30. Omar Santana – Ready to Brain
31. DJ E-Rick & Tactic – We Won’t Stop Rocking
32. Lenny Dee & Jappo – The Mystical Fields
33. 3 Steps Ahead – Thunderdome Til We Die
34. 3 Steps Ahead – I’m a H.C.M.F
35. Messiah Corps – Where’s the Noize
36. DJ Buzz Fuzz – Jealousy is a M.F
37. Bodylotion – Catastrophy (Lenny Dee & DJ Jappo Remix)

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