Man The Barricades

Honestly, I also still don’t know what the title is referring to. Anyway, I guess that is not of importance here. What’s in the spotlight, is the amazing music on this compilation.

The Third Movement is without a doubt one of the best known hardcore labels around. From mainstream hardcore to industrial they have a little bit of everything in the discography. For this compilation they brought together some of their most promising talents, such as Promo, Dither or Igneon System, just to name a few.

The very different tracks on this compilation have at least one thing in common: they all feature merciless hardcore. From oldschoolish vibes to newer styles, they thought of everything. However, not every track on the release could convince me. But if you have some spare time, skip through the album at least. I can’t imagine to not find anything crazy good here 😉

Promo – Whatever It Takes
Mindindustries – Message In A Bottle
Unknown – Change The Bad
Dither – Look Alive
Brian Acardy – Let The Bass Boom (Wavolizer Remix)
The Dj Producer – Cautionary Warning (Future Premonition)
N-Vitral – Kombat Aktion (Promo Remix)
D-Passion – The 4th Dimension
Penta – Hip Hop Drop (Gangsta VIP)
Promo & Catscan – Kik of Kak
DJIPE – The Well
The Empire – Dust
Rude Awakening – Trumpets
Igneon System – Beatdown
Promo & D-Passion – You Like Garbage

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