Machinist – Dawn Of Decay Radio

Of course, we all appreciate hard and fast music. But why not hard and slow music? Hopefully, this radio mix from Machinist can stimulate you to listen to slower music more frequently. Nice selection that caught my attention instantly.


Machinist – The Whole World Is Corrupt
Machinist – When Reason Sleeps Monsters Are Born
Xaero & Mel Agony – Lies And Fables / Hypoxic Remix
Embrionyc – When the Hate Starts to Change the World
Mental Wreckage – Lawaaieriger / Negative Thoughts Remix by Embrionyc
Machinist – The Universe Owes You Nothing
Aus Industrial Militia & The Machinist – Skull Crusher
Embrionyc – Trying To Will Her Return
The Aristokrat – It’s Not Fair
Machinist – Sinister
Machinist – Desolating Evil / Relapse Remix
Machinist – Insane World
Demanufacturer – ID
Embrionyc – Something In The Woods
Embrionyc – The Promise I Gave You

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