Low Entropy – AI generated Hardcore and Techno (or how to speak to a machine)

As probably everyone of us is now familiar with the disruptive power of AI technology, we entered a new stage of technical evolution. And this of course does not only concern visual arts (and everything else). Equally, you can now create music with the help of AI and even though the results vary a lot regarding quality, this has come a long way and will evolve much further in the upcoming years.

So anyway, a few days ago we had an email from Low Entropy in our inbox. And while we are still wondering what AI can do when it comes to music generation, Low Entropy already did some wild experiments with Chat-GPT. He wrote several posts on his own blog about how to use this program and how he communicated with it to write several tracks. If you are curious how he achieved that, check out these links:

How to write music using ChatGPT: Part 1 – Basic details and easy instructions

How to write music using ChatGPT: Part 2 – Making an Oldschool Acid Techno track

How to make music using ChatGPT Part 3: the TL;DR part (condensed information)

How to write music with ChatGPT: Part 4 – Creating a 90s style
Hardcore Techno track from start to finish

How to write music with ChatGPT: Part 5 – Creating a 90s Rave Hardcore track

Or access all texts, together with examples of music, at

And we released a first EP with ChatGPT generated Hardcore Techno (from the tutorials).

It’s quite interesting and already foreshadows the future in certain aspects. But even here, you can see that AI is still only a tool, and heavily depends on the input from a human being. Nonetheless, the ability to communicate with a machine in such a sophisticated way is deeply impressive. And this is something you can clearly observe when you read through the notes.

Just some final thoughts on the topic. The release shows that AI works. Not as some futuristic TV show in the 60s might have imagined, but it’s out there and it’s powerful. Luckily, it still appears unlikely to be replaced by AI in the upcoming future completely.

AI has and will change music production. And to be honest, not everything will be bad about it as some may think. Considering what certain plugins already are capable of, you can imagine that musicians and – maybe even more importantly – also non-musicians will be able to express themselves as it wouldn’t have been imaginable a few years ago. But more on that some other day.

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